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12 Best Features to include in a Corporate Alumni Program
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  • There are companies that completely understand the advantages or value of alumni programs. These are the ones that are ahead of the planning and execution stage and at the moment are emphasizing upon the development of their program to connect with their alumni.

    In order to pull off greater levels of engagement through the use of corporate alumni, it is essential that the organizations incorporate a useful alumni management solution by bringing in use the other systems that seize the useful employee data. When the alumni programs possess the appropriate features, incorporations, and data, it becomes feasible to deliver the right communication to the right alumni at the appropriate time.

    We have compiled a list of best practices for effective corporate alumni management that can act as a guide to assess the potential solutions available in the marketplace. The checklist contains the valid reasons pointing that your program may or may not require each of these explicit features. Let us discuss these best practices below:

    • Bespoke Branding

    It is essential for approximately every alumni program to have a custom casing. It is helpful to incarcerate the appearance and sense of your corporate brand.

    • People Search and Messaging

    You can use this feature if you want the participants of your corporate alumni program to be able to communicate with their fellow alumni. This can appear valuable to your alumni and rises interest in them to engage with one another using this platform. This is because peer to peer communication turns out to be amazingly a great driver of alumni engagement.

    • Ensure its Amalgamation with Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

    The corporate alumni features are flawlessly incorporated into the HRIS platforms. This further makes it simple and straightforward for the organizations to shift the employees who leave or quit the organization into the alumni program and also can help in re-hiring the alumni for the current positions in the company. The supplementary data set that is added to your alumni records acts as a way to help you in advanced alumni targeting by improving better engagement with your content.

    • Efficient Content Management System (CMS)

    It is quite imperative that your alumni program provides a flexible yet straightforward coordination to deal with the alumni content. You must be able to put in place the necessary strategy that decides on which alumni groups will be able to see which pieces of content. Your CMS must have a great workflow in place that enables your web master to ensure the relevancy of your alumni content.

    • The Great Single Sign-On (SSO) Incorporation

    This type of integration turns out to be quite helpful when your alumni make use of some other system available to you with an aim to connect with your business or in their daily lives. This option comes out to be an additional ease and is hassle-free for the alumni who might end up losing their passwords and are not able to sign in to your gateway. For instance, consider the option like “sign-in using LinkedIn” which make your users able to sign in to your alumni portal with the help of their LinkedIn credentials.

    • CRM Integration

    The incorporation of your CRM database into our alumni program is required if you are looking forward to leveraging it for your business growth. This is because the coordination of sales and marketing is really important for business development. Progressively the alumni and other HR functions are increasingly making efforts to ensure orderly and regular delivery of messages to the alumni.

    • Schedule of Events

    The events listed in the calendar are a great way to keep the alumni informed about the actions and events taking place in the company. Make sure your calendar has an in-built registration feature to make the registration processes simple and hassle-free.

    • Division of Members

    Dividing or partitioning up the participants of the corporate alumni program into respective groups is important for escalating the alumni engagement.  The jiffy you have got an adequate number of members to support your partition or division, this will bring in personalization. Also, sending personalized messages will keep your alumni more engaged.

    • The Job Openings in the Organization

    The job openings bring benefits to both the alumni and the organization. The alumni get to know about the vacancy in the organization and the company gets a former employee back.  

    • Allow them bring in Member Registrations

    The Alumni generally shows interest in keeping in touch even after their tenure gets over with the company they are working with or when they leave their organization due to better job opportunities. By making it possible for them to be able to propel the registration referrals, you end up growing your alumni channel.

    • Groups and Forums

    You can bring in use the groups and forum features into your corporate alumni program if you are aiming for more of the alumni engagement and looking for ways to enable interaction amongst each other.

    • Reports Creation

    A valuable alumni program makes it possible for the administrators to monitor the key performance metrics (KPIs) and produce reports on the basis of these. Though the initial phase of any alumni program does not require a reporting feature but later at some point of time, the organization feels the need of getting to know how their corporate alumni program is doing with alumni engagement.

    So, these are some of the features that organizations can include into their corporate alumni program. It is not a rule to put in all the features into the program. Just incorporate the ones that really are required because embedding too many features can make things complex and can turn the management of the program and alumni engagement more demanding. Therefore, it is essential that you choose the features cautiously depending upon your program’s needs and requirements. Try to make your program easy and effortless for its users.

    You can look forward to NextBee in order to help you decide on the necessary features for your Corporate Alumni Program depending upon your business goals. You can also opt for setting up a complimentary consultation and demo to see how we can help you out. Our representatives will discuss how NextBee can help you create a positive alumni experience and make your corporate alumni program more effective.

    So, hurry! Get in touch with us.