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  • 4 Tips to Make Your Corporate Alumni Program Successful
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    Businesses these days look for sure shot ways to put into practice a Corporate Alumni Program for their organization with a hope that it does well. This is because merely having an alumni program in place isn’t sufficient; it needs to be successful as well.


    Though incorporating a Corporate Alumni Program is not at all complex, the thing is getting people join your program and keeping them engaged that matters and certainly requires your toil.


    Here we bring you 4 tips that can assist you to make your organization’s alumni program a success:


    Consider the Buy-In Factor

    To ensure the success of your Corporate Alumni Program, you must be linked or associated with the alumni in your network. This clearly indicates that your existing and ex-employees must be convinced and be aware of why they must be a part of your alumni network, how they can become its member, and what benefits are they likely to get by keeping them engaged in the program. These are certain factors that can influence the buy-in that your program attains. It is advisable to start making the employees right from the time they are in your organization about your alumni network as this fetches you a great chance of making them a part of your network if they choose to leave, at any point of time.


    Carry out the Required Research

    Give up on making any kind of assumptions regarding the needs of your alumni network. Carry out a proper research and accumulate the essential data to make wise decisions about your offerings to your alumni and the advantages they are going to get from joining your network. Identify the drivers and triggers that can impact the people in your network and keep them engaged.


    Convince them to Engage

    A network that lacks the alumni engagement is not going to benefit the organization in any way. So, it is essential that you offer reasons for your alumni to engage and convince them to do so. Offer them the required tools to act together with your organization along with their alumni peers.


    Evaluate the Results

    Again making assumptions is not going to help. Don’t presume that reaching a definite number of alumni in your network ensures its success. Try to understand the difference between the quantity and quality. It is essential to measure the results of your objectives to ensure the program’s success. Assess the impact your alumni are going to leave on your organization.

    So, these are few tips that can ensure the success of your corporate alumni program.

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