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    What usually is the state when some employee quits an organization? The employer and employee go halves, rejoice the good memories and commence to reformulate a new episode in their association in the future.


    Generally, the bond between the employers and former employees is chaotic in spite of the circumstance. One feels abandoned. One feels uncomfortable. Both of them think they are ill-treated and this usually results in an off boarding process that in some way goes wrong.


    The rise of social media only makes this situation worse. This is because the former employees now can look forward to a platform to share their frustrations. The websites like Glassdoor and Jobvent are gainig grounds for the former employees to make them heard and rate the organizations.


    So, the organizations feel that it is high time to recognize a corporate alumni program that not only will help the employer in branding but can also act as an influential recruiting tool.



    Need of an Alumni Program


    • Employer Branding The most significant impact of the alumni programs is into employer branding. Many industries are of the opinion that they will turn the former employees into clients one day. So, it is essential that the organizations pay equal attention and support to their alumni that they show their existing customers.


    • Employee Referral Programs As Employee Referral Programs are the most helpful recruiting tools, the businesses must look for ways to expand these programs with an aim to take in the alumni. Former employees have enormous imminent into the company culture and can help in quality hires. Organizations must include alumni in employee referral communication methodologies and also offer the previous employees with the equal incentives that they offer to the existing employees.


    • Boomerangs “Boomerangs” are ex-employees whom the organization hires back. The best performing organizations are vigorously intensifying their talent pools and getting involved with both active and passive candidates. Alumni must be a part of this process and organizations must look forward to a rehire. For instance, Deloitte is a company that puts in a lot in their alumni program with a 20% rehire rate.



    How to employ technology?


    • Social media: The most well-liked and most inexpensive way to power technology for alumni programs is through the use of social media. Companies like Deloitte and Salesforce have formed employer-driven LinkedIn groups taking their alumni into consideration. Through these groups, organizations stay attached to their former colleagues and keep them updated on various alumni events and resources.


    • Dedicated website: Organization scan host a dedicated website for their alumni. They must post useful information related to the events, employee referral programs, provide alliance, and can also think of offering coupons to the former employees.


    • Innovative Technology: Innovation is the pillar of talent management technology in today’s age. Advanced solutions providers are moving into the market with an aim to make the recruitment and retention more proficient and more valuable. Some of these solution providers include Zapoint, Social Text, Avature etc. who help support corporate alumini networks.


    Thus, the grasp is that the employers must step in to build and handle these programs. It just takes a devoted individual, amazing communication strategy, a method to determine the progress and technology.

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