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    As an employee’s job term for companies becomes shorter, the management has to bid goodbye to their best people often. But the question is if they rejoice or reject the one leaving. This is because it not only leaves an impact on those who are leaving but those who stay.


    Here are some of the best practices the companies can adapt to keep their alumni network engaged:


    • Consider Global and Local Concept

    One of the major goals and challenges for multinational companies is to form a globally constant and locally appropriate corporate alumni program to keep the former employees engaged throughout the world.


    • Take into account the Benefits

    Majority of the companies consider alumni programs and concentrate on the ROI or the advantage it can bring to the company. This is accountable for the companies launching alumni initiatives. Besides the job prospects, making contacts and professional development there are various other benefits that alumni engagement brings to the organization.


    • Assimilate Your Corporate Alumni Program into the Exit Process

    Most of the companies are strongly incorporating corporate alumni programs in their exit processes. As and when an employee exits he is welcomed into the company’s alumni network.

    Embracing the employees into the Corporate Alumni Network as they transition brings many benefits. It

    • Makes it simple for your alumni to participate
    • Gets away with the lost connections
    • Makes the most participation
    • Restate your employment brand

    It also makes the complete data of the employees available into the community when they leave. This data can greatly help to inform and make their alumni experience better.


    • Connect with Events

    Events are a fundamental part of unbeaten corporate alumni programs. They act as a vital opportunity for the corporate alumni to be in touch, keep updated and occupied all through the year. The alumni event strategies must be a combination of online and offline events; must be social and encourage professional development along with frequent regional get-togethers.


    • Try to Build an “Official” Network

    Big companies very well understand the power of open social networks including LinkedIn and Facebook. They believe that these platforms are a great way to pull and engage the corporate alumni. But for a formal corporate alumni program to be put in place, the organizations need a protected network.


    • Provide the Executives with the Power to Raise Visibility for Your Community

    Your executives can be significant for your community growth. They can fervently express the value your organization sees in forming lifetime relationships with its employees and the benefits it offers to the connected alumni.


    • Involve Content

    Content is the greatest way to keep your alumni engaged. The organizations must realize the importance of fresh content. It must be fascinating, appropriate and stimulating. You must always think about repurposing or repackaging the content you are generating and how you can leverage it in various ways.


    So, implementing these practices in an organization’s alumni network can greatly help in keeping to keep the alumni engaged.

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