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7 Top Tips to Enhance Corporate Alumni Engagement
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  • With increasing number of boomerangs and the use of social media, corporate alumni programs are gaining ground with each passing year. But since your company possesses an alumni network, it does not guarantee its success. There are various organizations that aim to keep their existing employees engaged, and overlook their alumni. They fail to realize that the alumni engagement is equally beneficial to them just as the employee engagement. Here is how organizations can form and improve alumni engagement.

    1. Make Your Corporate Alumni Program a part of your Exit Process

    The organizations must firmly put together their corporate alumni programs with their exit processes. As the workers leave, they automatically are graced into the alumni network. So, putting forward an “opt-out” practice in place of an “opt-in” strategy comes with various benefits. Embracing the employees into the Corporate Alumni Network:

    • Reestablishes your company brand
    • Simplifies the participation of your alumni
    • Eliminates the possibility of lost associations

    Integrating your corporate alumni program into the exit process guarantees the flow of your valuable data about your employees straight into the community as they exit. This data can further be used to enhance their alumni experience.

    1. The Benefits Matter

    There are companies aiming for alumni programs who think about the ROI or the advantage they can fetch for the organization. This is the major reason to bring in alumni initiatives. Besides providing the job opportunities, associations, and career growth, the alumni programs bring various other benefits like

    Travel discounts, access to employee-only features, etc. When your alumni receive more benefits, you are certain to notice increased alumni participation, alumni engagement and eventually the ROI.

    1. Build a Social Network

    The social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook hold great power. These channels help companies to magnetize and connect your corporate alumni. You can use these channels to create, handle, and understand value from a well-thought corporate alumni program. Having an official social network in place can help you exercise control over the branding, etc.

    1. Focus on Content

    Content plays a vital role to keep your alumni engaged. It is essential that the organizations understand the significance of updating fresh, fascinating, related and stimulating content. The companies must constantly think of using the content in a way to leverage it in numerous ways. For example you can capture video interviews at the events you conduct and use these on your alumni portal. Also, you can encourage your alumni to share stories. These are few things that can encourage alumni engagement.

    1. Connect with Events

    Events are an essential part of a successful corporate alumni program. These are a great way to make ensure the association of corporate alumni, keep them informed and involved all round the year. The organizations can build alumni event strategies of any size. However, a mix of both online and offline events are recommended.

    1. Power Employees to Raise Your Alumni Network

    Your employees play a great role in promoting and raising your community. These are the people who can avidly communicate your company’s value to create long-term associations with your employees along with the benefits of being the alumni.

    1. Think International, Operate Local

    One of the greatest challenges that the organizations face is how to form an internationally unswerving and locally pertinent corporate alumni program to keep their former employees engaged throughout the world. You can do this by consolidating various regional alumni efforts into one universal system through the use of one online platform.

    So, these tips can greatly help you to increase your alumni engagement.