5 Powerful Content Ideas aiming at Alumni Engagement for a Corporate Alumni Advocacy Program
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    Staying in constant touch with your corporate alumni is the most important factor here. When you think about the type of content to keep them engaged, take into account the reasons for having an alumni program in the first place.

    Try to find out what your alumni network is fascinated about. Are they keen to have updates on career information, industry news, or mentoring opportunities? You certainly are going to get great engagement when your business goals happen to intersect with your alumni network’s interests.

    Here we bring you some alumni content ideas:

    Employee Referral Scheme

    Why not think of bringing your employee referral scheme to your corporate alumni? It’s a great benefit that holds the power to enhance your talent pool and save you on recruitment costs. In your alumni newsletter, mention your employee referral scheme and make your ex-staff aware of the reward it brings. Let the former employees refer to others. Keep an eye on the number of referred employees you are going to get through your alumni network.

    Highlight the Members of Alumni

    Request some alumni stories before launching any community or newsletter and aggressively look for them once you have an active community. Take into account publishing a spotlight news article on any of your members each time along with a photo. You can also carry out a video interview with your alumni members. Ask the members to put forward their stories easily with a click of a mouse in your newsletter.

    Share the Company Updates

    Alumni often look for insight into their old companies. So, make sure you share the company updates regularly to keep them updated and ask for the community’s honest feedback on the same. You can also carry out beta test products and conduct research surveys to get a clear picture of their feedback.


    Are you vigorously looking for re-hires? Make your corporate alumni know that you are in search of top talent to come back to the organization. If you have formed an alumni community, provide opportunities to your members and let them promote their own positions as well to prove that you trust and authorize them to advertise. Flag the employees who have left you and you are willing to hire or rehire. Regularly post about the job and internship programs.

    Event Hosting

    If you have a sound budget, try conducting alumni events, and capture videos and post photos of the event. This comes out to be engaging content in your newsletter as well as within your community. If, however, you are low on budget, you can prefer hosting an online event. It requires lesser money and at the same time can easily provide gripping webcasts for your alumni community. You can prefer embedding live feeds from Youtube and generate an instant free webinar.

    Professional Support

    This can include anything like offering free practical resources, mentoring programs together with the webinars. Provide exceptional support to your ex-interns as it can provide a wonderful opportunity to build an enduring association with your company. It is essential that you maintain the intern or summer work experience on records and treat these alumni as your employees.

    Thus, it is essential for an organization to stay in touch with corporate alumni. Alumni Engagement is a great way to re-hire exceptional alumni as boomerangs. This further lowers down the recruitment costs, increases productivity improves the business culture and certainly, you get a wealthy talent pool for the referrals and boomerangs.

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