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  • How to maintain an Enormous Alumni Network – 6 Powerful Tips
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    Your former employees completely understand your organization in contrast to the new candidates and contacts. They are acquainted with your organizational culture, your work environment, and fall amongst your most reliable and highly regarded sources of a capable workforce. Therefore, it is important that you do not lose contact with your ex-employees and build and maintain an incomparable Corporate Alumni Network.


    Look for your Alumni

    Regardless of the fact that your former employees are present on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., allow them to say aloud about the communities and the sources of engagement that go well with them. You can form alumni associations online on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Another way of forming alumni networks is by providing your alumni with an electronic newsletter that is geared particularly in the interest of the former employees. But the online publications provide you benefits like readers’ instantaneous feedback, engagement, save distribution costs, brings in flexibility and customization.


    Highlight the Job Openings in your Organization

    Make it a regular practice to generate content with an aim to update the alumni on the latest happenings in your organization. Take into account the things for which they might show eagerness to become its part like referring or recommending candidates for a job opening in your company. Rather than straightforwardly asking your ex-employee to boomerang, provide them with the updated information on your new job openings and leave their coming back onto them.


    Stay in Constant Touch

    When an employee leaves your organization, send him on a good note. Express thanks for their great service and seek their compliance to keep in constant touch. A triumphant boomerang recruiting practice begins just when an employee is about to leave. Build an offboarding process that can help you make out which workers are “unwelcome turnover,” so that you can welcome them when they opt to rejoin your organization. Also, it is important that you make the leaving employee know that you would always welcome their come back. And ask them to stay in touch when they leave.


    Provide them Value through various Programs

    This can comprise of anything like happy hours, alumni events or vocation workshops and other career development opportunities. It is just a small speculation towards the valued former employee who might be interested in becoming a part of these training programs with an aim to enhance their skills. One of the reasons is that when they boomerang, it can help them return at a higher-level position.


    Make them realize that they are Valued

    The employee turnover rates are on the rise in today’s time. This increases the number of corporate alumni for rehiring. If, at any point in time, you get a query from a latent boomerang employee, respond quickly. This is because it is significant that you make them realize their importance even though they haven’t aggressively affianced with your network.

    Provide Financial Incentives to your Alumni Network

    Think about intensifying your employee referral procedure for your approved alumni. Providing them with financial incentives shows that they are still a “part of the family” and you rely on their referrals as you used to when they worked with you. You can also invite your preferred alumni to your company events. Communicating with the ex-employees can greatly help your favored alumni to return.


    Boomerangs, therefore, are a win-win prospect and turns out to be less expensive. Alumni networks are a great way to let the HR professionals of any organization to track the people their organizations have invested in, no matter these are the Boomers or candidates from younger generations.

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