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    During the early times, when employees used to leave a company, he would say good bye to their employer and the relationship ends out then and there. But, in today’s time, the primary companies very well realize the significance of keeping in touch with their ex-employees through a corporate alumni network. When a capable employee makes up his mind to move ahead working with other company, the relationship does not need to end here. Alumni form a valuable source of external communication for any organization, and vigorously cultivating these relations is highly beneficial for a business’s success. Here we are going to discuss about the 4 ways in which the companies benefit from a full of life alumni engagement platform:


    1. Rehiring Ex-Employees saves you Money

    When an employee switches an organization, he, along with him takes great understanding and proficiency. With progressively higher turnover rates and related expenses, the organizations must look for ways to obtain the most advantage from their employees, who are an asset to the company. A study has revealed that more than 30% of the former employees show interest to be rehired by their former employer. Organizations gain huge benefits from hiring their alumni, as these:

    • Require lesser training costs,
    • Are loyal and become long-term employees, and
    • Well acquainted with the company’s work culture


    1. Build a Knowledge Network

    The organizations and company both get benefits from the knowledge network and aim to encourage thought leadership. As the alumni persist to move forward in their career and gather or develop new skills, the organizations without any second thought source these capable resources for various projects, to resolve certain issues, and to get their perspective. Some of the benefits that a knowledge network fetches are:

    • Zero consulting costs due to established alumni connections
    • Alumni get you external resources to help you with business insight
    • You get the access to the capable people for a reliable perspective


    1. Reap the Benefits of Positive Brand Exposure

    Be it an applicant, employee or alumni, an organization considers an individual’s opinion to be of great value. In spite of spending greatly on marketing campaigns, the reputed organizations view their alumni as a tremendous source of promoting their brands. The feedback of the former employees is considered to be more reliable than the comments made by the existing staff. Therefore, vigorously engaged alumni turns out to be brand ambassadors who

    • Get you leads
    • Get you a plethora of new connections
    • Fortify organizations’ global exposure and repute


    1. Hold Skilled Alumni Referrals

    There are organizations to which relocating and holding back deserving employees are both demanding and time-consuming. If studies are to be believed, extremely engaged employees are nearly five times more liable to put forward their friends or relatives they think are suitable for some position at their workplace. If the engagement continues to remain high, the organizations greatly benefit from these employees when these become the alumni as these ex-employees:

    • Make use of their professional networks to pull strong candidates
    • Put in comparatively lesser resources in the hiring process
    • Hold back employees interested in pursuing a long work with the organization


    There are organizations that are looking forward to introducing alumni engagement software at their workplace. They understand the necessity of having an edge over their competitors and very well realize the importance of having a formal alumni platform in place.

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