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Is Recruiting Boomerang Employees a Sensible Decision or a Bad Choice
Boomerang Employees
  • A decade ago, HR departments of the companies were in general unwilling to take back an employee who had left the organization in search of greener pastures. But the recruitment situations have now turned over with firms struggling to find the perfect lot for their jobs. Now when asked if they would give a chance to boomerang employees, 76% say yes!

    Hiring Boomerang Employees is Sensible

    What are the reasons to hire a boomerang employee? To begin with, they are like your favorite dish in the menu of a restaurant – you know the taste and what to expect. It’s less risky than ordering something totally new from the menu because it won’t let you down.

    • Their work potential is known to you

    You know how they work, how to exploit their strong points and what their limitations are. There is no need for a background check to decide how they will contribute towards the company.

    • They get to work right away, skipping long training periods

    The former employees already know the specializations of the firm so they don’t need to be trained before they get to work. This sometimes allows them to perform better than the current employees too.

    • They are aware of the responsibilities  and risk factors

    For an employee, coming back to the old company, the risk of starting a new job and getting adjusted to the new environment are all dismissible factors. They are prepped to face situations as and when they arise.

    • Experience in another firm has moulded them into a better employee

    In the year or two out in another company, they must have acquired some new skills and experiences. With the exposure they have thus gained, the boomerang employees can better help in the development of your organization.

    Hiring Boomerang Employees doesn’t turn into your favor

    Is there a risk in rehiring an ex-employee? Well, look at it this way, an employee who quit once can do it again if an opportunity comes their way, leaving you to look for a suitable replacement, again!

    • Old enmities might pop up

    Any past issues that the employee had with another person in your firm can restart once they get back. This can affect the whole functioning of the company if you are not careful.

    • Can be irreverent of the present codes of conduct

    If old employee back after a few years can behave as they used to, it can disrupt the present conditions. It can affect their ability to fit in with colleagues.

    • They might get preferential treatment

    If the HR departments are recommending a boomerang employee due to their bonding outside work, and not their abilities, it might make you miss out the better talent pool.

    • Old issues might not be fully resolved

    The risk of a boomerang employee leaving again hovers in the air as long as their past issues with the company have been resolved. Hire only if you know why is no longer relevant.

    • Might look for better pay scales and allowances

    An ex-employee when they come back will most probably ask for a pay better than the last one. You should hire them only if you have no other choice in fresh recruits.

    So, it is essential that you weigh the pros and cons thoroughly before you bring a boomerang employee into the firm. Taking the opinion of your team might give you a better direction while the records of the employee itself need to be considered. In the end, the risk is worth it if they promise to be an asset.