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  • 8 Things to Consider BEFORE You Rehire a Former Employee
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    Gone are the days when employees who quit their job for better opportunities or were let go due to downsizing were not considered by management for re-hire. Recruitment teams would remove “alumni” from their hiring pools worrying that if they came back they would disrupt teams.


    Today, however, a growing amount of companies are realizing the true value of recruiting “boomerangs”. Companies are particularly interested when the possibility of rehiring top former employees since they are already equipped with expert skills and understanding of the job. These boomerang employees often rise up rapidly and do not require as much training to fit them back into the job. There is usually less training because these employees are familiar with the company’s processes, values, and culture.


    Research has revealed that re-hires are easier to hold on to for the long-term long when compared to other hires. Due to this, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are now packed with corporate alumni groups. These kinds of online alumni networks present a great opportunity for the ex-employees to get in touch with their former associates and can also open doors for recruitment back into their previous companies as well. On the other side, companies tend to take advantage of these groups to post job vacancies, talk about or host alumni events, and other activities all of which are aimed at engaging former employees.


    Whereas it’s important for recruiters to tap into these pools of boomerang employees, they also need to use their best interview and evaluation skills to identify which ex-employees are worth bringing back to the company and which are best to just let be.  

    Here are 8 things to consider when rehiring a former employee.


    1. Try to get in touch with everyone who worked with the former employee to make sure you completely understand what value they held for every department. Dive into and understand what you can about their inter-departmental relationships and assess their past performance.
    2. Gather complete information to see if the employee still holds the same constructive qualities that were of value to you when they left the company.
    3. Make sure that the ex-employee understands your company’s current culture, values, and direction. Make them aware of what’s changed with things like; your company’s offerings, current reward programs, your goals, etc.
    4. Perform a gut check. Really confirm they’re on board with where the company is headed and that they are truly interested in rejoining.
    5. Ensure that any issues that made them leave the company no longer exist so they are likely to stay with the company long-term.
    6. Don’t be desperate to get the employee back. If they, due to any reason, do not return, you don’t want your reputation to be tarnished because you came across as desperate. It can make outsiders question the future of your company (its stability).
    7. Completely and thoroughly assess your current resources and internal cross-hiring pool. You want to ensure that you do not overlook an employee internally before you make the final hiring decision to bring someone back.
    8. Finally, after performing all of your due diligence, you feel that the ex-employee deserves to be re-hired, make every effort to make them stick for the long-term by offering them incentives or perks so that they will feel valued.


    As you can see, it is important for organizations to recognize the value of alumni relations and to implement a complete corporate alumni program. If you understand this value, contact NextBee today and let us help you drive success.

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