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  • Top 5 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Former Employees
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    Relations and promotion strategies are widely determined by the customer funnel. It is about consistent, relevant and timely engagement year-round — not just when you need them to advocate. And if year-round engagement seems difficult, here are the top six ways to keep your former employees engaged — with some pretty sweet examples included, too.


    1) Be Appropriate

    Staying cool and updated with the happenings in the world must be the preferred things when it is about staying in touch with the former employees. It can be anything that is trending on social media or that is in the news or any popular event. The organizations can turn any high-profile event into a cool way to keep them engaged.


    2) Fragment Your Audience

    It is really essential to make out how to segment content and send messages to connect and get to a definite target audience. For instance, some audiences stay active on social platforms while others just stick to their emails. It is true to say that young alumni are found to be actively engaged on Instagram, and older alumni can be found on Facebook.


    3) Designate them a Place on your Website

    Paying complete attention to the organization’s website and focusing on the prospects, the organizations generally overlook giving the alumni a dedicated place there. Another option is either using alumni microsites or alumni portals.

    Alumni Microsites serve as a wonderful way to segment the web presence of your alumni. Here you can add anything that alum can look forward to including the organization updates, events and news, calendars and photos. An alumni portal is a password-guarded area which grants your alumni an access to the same details, but in a personal area.


    4) Be Quick and Globalize

    Organizations must realize that it is not necessary that all of their Alumni are going to reside locally. So, rather than combating the mounting battle of getting every Alumni to visit the premises, prefer going to them. It is surprising to know that many Alumni might not even be aware of each other working nearby. It is the work life that takes over and all of a sudden, coming back becomes difficult. Reaching out to them fetches the memories to them and it does not really require making long and unrealistic trips.


    5) Money is not Everything so Focus on More

    Most of the time we are seized in the financial aspect of “Giving Back,” and do not realize that a former employee’s time is one of the most precious resources he can offer to the old organization. Be it a call for a reunion or just sharing and liking the social media posts, each form must be recognized and rewarded.

    Making the alumni feel that are highly valued by their old organization is just amazing. Making them realize that they are an imperative stakeholder is really crucial. Organizations need to understand that their input is important even without a monetary contribution. Some alumni are keen to share their experiences and knowledge. Bring them ways to give back through their mentor programs, career guidance etc.

    Ensuring alumni engagement is a great effort that depends greatly on originality and unfailing communication to make them feel integrated and longing.

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