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  • How Can Ex-Employees Become Brand Ambassadors?
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    It turns out that ex-employees are a goldmine of future brand ambassadors. Any former employees who might have had a great experience are usually inclined to advocate a company to potential new employees, customers, and future partnership opportunities. It’s because of this these reasons that ex-employees need to be cultivated to become advocates of your company and your brand. There are companies who, for lack of a better term, mistreat their employees both during their tenure and even more so at the time when the employees leave the company. Companies should always value their employees and that means even when they’re leaving because it is the last experience that an employee remembers the most. He or she always remembers how they felt at the time of leaving and this magnifies how the company treated them overall. So, taking this into consideration, companies must strive to treat their employees well since these employees are going to make or break the company’s reputation in the outside world and there may come a time where the companies might need to hire them back.


    According to a survey conducted by Corporate Responsibility Magazine, potential employees are 5 times more likely to decline an offer from a company with a bad reputation, even if they are out of a job. This survey also clearly indicated that not only do exiting employees hold power over a company’s future recruiting efforts but also with others such as consultants or contractors for upcoming projects.


    The Significant Areas of Influence for Ex-Employees:


    • Recruiters


    Your former employees are acquainted with your organization’s culture, your business’ values, and the different roles people play within the organization. Their advice and referrals turn out to be more relevant to headhunters than believed in times past.


    • Future Clients

    Sometimes your former employees can become your future clients or they can be the senior management on your client’s side. This is where your relationship with the ex-employees comes into play and a healthy association with your former employees can truly help grow your business because trust already exists.


    • Brand Ambassadors

    If your ex-employees depart happy and on good terms, there is a higher probability of their staying in touch with your company and co-workers. They are very likely to speak well of the company and when they get referrals for either business or employment they will refer these people to the company and usually heighten the desire to work with or for the company.


    Therefore, HR professionals must be mindful of how the ex-employees might portray the company to outsiders or to the outside world at large. It is essential that departing employees have the best experience. An HR department must be proactive and leave no stone unturned to make the process a positive and supportive experience. Doing so will surely turn their former employees into brand ambassadors rather than reputation killers.

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