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Why should Organizations build a Corporate Alumni Advocacy Program
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    In today’s time, the companies, across various domains have realized the latent value of their alumni network and are leaving no stones unturned to be in touch with their former employees.

    The question that arises is how important is keeping alumni relations for the corporate? What is the need to out in time and money with an aim to maintain a relationship with employees who have made up their minds to leave the organization? Here are suitable answers to your questions:

    Ease and Save Recruitment Costs

    Recruitment is a major challenge for any business. Looking for and holding back first-class and appropriate candidates are both complex and time-consuming things. When you have an amazing alumni network in place, it is sure to fetch you great value along with cost savings corresponding to your recruitment efforts.

    Just like your existing employees, alumni are certainly the best recruiters whether the process is carried out through rehires or referrals. A sturdy alumni management system enables you to place recent job offers to your alumni so that they see it. There are chances that your former employees work as freelancers. So, the alumni system can easily help you reach out to the ex-employees for such jobs.

    Supervise and Improve your Brand

    Contented alumni come out to be your greatest brand ambassadors and help you carry out successful brand marketing. Ensuring that you make and preserve a sagacity of belonging for your alumni, and providing explicit advantages for your ex-employees, you in a way are investing in your brand.

    Whether you are organizing reunions limited to the alumni or providing them certain advantages all through their lives, this way you end up maintaining a team of brand ambassadors that is surely going to be worthy for years to come.

    Generate a Strong Knowledge Network

    Your alumni are an incredible supply of market and expert knowledge. Keeping in touch and building a setting that enables you along with your alumni share information is a wonderful way to put up network astuteness and get hold of the key insights. When you provide an access to your alumni for sharing information, they feel valued and are more liable to add and build a positive network effect.

    Build a Conduit

    The reason your employees leave an organization is mostly to grab the opportunities with obviously better responsibilities and pay. By keeping good terms with your past employees, you usually maintain a bond with budding future leaders who can help you land into an improved and even new business with their contributions. If some employees make up their minds to form or build a new company, it is a corporate alumni advocacy program that makes things easy for you and builds up a way for a profitable relationship or creates a prospective partnership.


    So, these are the reasons for which the organizations must and surely prefer building a corporate alumni advocacy program.