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  • Reviews and testimonials help organizations build a customer engagement system to get more business. By using compelling product reviews from your customers, the potential clients can understand your brand’s authenticity within the marketplace.

    Great testimonials are the proof that your products are working well, and it helps to narrate people more about your products in a legitimate way.

    Moreover, reviews and testimonials help to improve conversion rates and get more bankable clients. Several marketing managers reward their clients for their loyalty, leading them to review the brand.

    However, the major dilemma some organizations face is whether or not to incentivize the reviews.

    To begin, creating a customer rewards solution for reviews a good idea?

    Truth be told, it all depends upon the definition of your rewards.

    Rewarding customers for sharing their thoughts about your brand determines that their experience is valuable to you.

    Feedbacks are the best way for socially recognizing the brand and acquiring new customers. Moreover, genuine reviews help in the sound decision-making process.

    Providing rewards for reviews and testimonials helps your customers/clients to become your brand advocates, leading to attracting new visitors to your business.

    Benefits of Reviews and Testimonials

    Studies have shown that all the potential or new customers, clients, or associates check the review by former clients/customers before doing business with you.

    • Helps your brand to understand the customers
    • Aids to speed up the purchase process
    • Improves your customer service support
    • Provides your credibility and resilience
    • Establishes a social portfolio of your clients
    • Builds customer loyalty
    • Improve business rankings
    • Markets your brand without much investment
    How dynamic rewards act as a driving force to urge customers to share reviews or testimonials?

    For a brand to gather more business and reach on the top, getting reviews and testimonials is fruitful. It is key to understand customer behavior. Thus, motivating them with dynamic customer rewards app should be considered.

    Engaging with your clients to gain their valuable insights is an interactive way to build strong relations. Asking your customers what they feel about your product serves as a gratifying experience for you as well as your clients/customers.

    NextBee’s dynamic reward module helps you to configure a robust reward delivery program for review generation.

    Turning Reviews into Loyalty

    Your customers are not only the bottom line, they are your product as well. Customers tend to attract more loyal and genuine clients by using word of mouth.

    So, why not capitalize on it?

    The inclination towards product use makes their voice more influential. Thus, using their opinions and feedback to attract more clients will help you get more business.

    It has been seen that with over 50 or more reviews, brands can increase 5% in conversion rate. Thus, soliciting clients for reviews and testimonials by providing them with rewards will be evidently more productive.

    As a business grows, it becomes essential to shift the focus and create reward programs and promotions that will attract your customers to do more business with you. Using customer loyalty programs to reward customers for review will impel your brand.

    Using the Right Time Rule

    NextBee’s module helps you to keep track of your customer behavior. To gain reviews, you need to wait for the right time. Once a customer completes the first transaction, jumping them right away to review the product will not work right.

    You have to reach your customers within the right time-period (not too early, not too late).

    Firstly, you need to check the time of product purchase, then based on the type of service you are providing, you can analyze how much time it is required to soak in the benefits of the products.

    When the time-frame is adjusted, use a pop-up notification or email survey to gather the reviews from your clients.

    To seek the benefits of client reviews, you have to ask them when the purchase is still fresh. Lastly, requesting and rewarding your customers for reviews and testimonials will help your businesses to gain relevance among your potential clients.

    Implementing Tiered-Based Program

    A business that uses a tiered approach can easily offer the customer lifetime value. And, any company can easily initiate this process in its dynamic customer reward program.

    When businesses use tiered services to give priority and rewards to the most loyal customers, the ones who have the highest lifetime value, they provide you with exciting reviews.

    76% of brands feature customer reviews on their home page.

    It helps the visitors to see the reliability and authenticity of your brand.

    The tiered program significantly helps VIP customers to gain a bit more. This triggers them to provide the brand with reviews, displaying their experience with the product over authentic platforms that can help other potential clients to see what they are getting into.

    Using NextBee’s customer engagement program

    By configuring NextBee‘s plugins and widgets, you can easily define and optimize rewards, incentives, promotions, notifications, and customer behavior. Integrate the reward program in such a way that drives customers to review your product instantly.

    If you want to have a credible brand, reviews and testimonials are your biggest say.

    Building a social proof page that retains genuine customer feedback will help you to improve sales and increase conversion rates.

    However, as a brand, you have a unique power and potential to make your customers feel more valued. So, harness the power in you and reward your prospects for sharing their unbiased opinions and helping you to make more informant business decisions.

    Use the NextBee module to add a customer loyalty rewards program. It will aid in more valuable feedback and create more brand advocates.

    Therefore, strengthen your relationship with your prospects by providing them with valuable benefits.

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