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  • How to Handle Negative Reviews and Manage Unsatisfied Patients
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    Healthcare is certainly a sensitive domain to act on. The type of business that deals with delicacy (medicinal and surgical treatment of human) remain alert and fearful regarding negative reviews.

    Sometimes, due to misunderstanding and minor issues, patients get upset and start bombarding bad reviews. In this world of excruciating competition, it’s tough to get a 5-star rating. Thus, a negative review doesn’t mean your business is bad. There are various ways to deal with it and thereby provide better Patient Satisfaction and Experience.


    Handling Negative Reviews


    Face The Situation

    Even the finest companies get negative criticism occasionally. Nowadays, negative feedback is shared on online forums or on social media. If your healthcare practice receives negative review, it’s better to face the situation upfront. In this situation, thank the individual and react cordially to their concerns.

    If the feedback is of vague nature or if the person did not elaborate much, let them know that you would love to hear about their experience and make it right if any unsatisfactory incident occurred. Share your contact information where they can reach out to you and get their issue settled.

    In case, you cannot settle the issue, then also you are able to make a positive mark in the mind of the audience. They will know that the issues are being heard and addressed with sincerity. Apart from that little automation can be implemented in your healthcare business ecosystem with a quality Patiently Loyalty Program that can maximize the power of Social Media and Reviews system.


    Gauge the Necessity of Responding

    The moment you see a bad review, your first reaction is to let the world know why the reviewer is wrong. But that is an incorrect way of handling the issue since responding in this heated environment may lead to other major issues. Instead, take a moment to think, cultivate the issue and then act on the matter.

    If the client’s points are genuine, take responsibility and offer a sincere apology. After that start amending the upset patients and heal them.  This approach will help you to earn the respect of the reviewer (patients). And in future, if anyone reads the reviews, they will know that you care about your customers. However, every negative review does not need a response. Especially, if the reviews are coming from anonymous sources or accounts.


    Prompt Response

    It is important to handle negative reviews quickly without much delay. Address and fix the issue at the earliest, otherwise negative environment will widespread which may hamper your reputation and goodwill. Instead of hovering here and there, straightway come to the point and deal with it accurately. Leave no space for misinterpretation. Always thank the reviewers (patients) for bringing their bad experiences to your attention, and act accordingly to solve the matter.


    Managing Unsatisfied Patients


    patient satisfaction


    Along with dealing with negative feedbacks, it is also necessary to take special care of the patients who are unsatisfied due to any issue. Be alert if any patient is upset, and try to be empathetic towards them. A subtle showcase of sympathy can create a great impression in the mind of the patients. Having a caring and cordial attitude helps heal the patients’ distress and cool down the situation.

    Train and Educate the Team

    Provide adequate training to the healthcare staffs and create awareness on how to deal with upset patients. Convey the necessity of keeping the patients happy for a better retention strategy. The administrative staffs can play a significant role in managing the patients.  Thus, conduct a meeting to discuss and get suggestions from the team. Ask them to share some of their experiences with patients and how they have handled that.


    Collect Contact Information

    To have numerous contact sources for your patients is always helpful. It’s a great thought to gather phone numbers and e-mail addresses of your patients in order to be able to reach them. With this, you may contact them personally and follow up about the progress of treatments. You may also address their issues and update them whenever you come up with a solution.


    Customized Benefits

    If a particular patient is upset with any issue, offer them certain benefits from your patient loyalty program. This might transform your patients from being upset to being satisfied. Reward them with complementary services or additional treatments, provide a discount on Bills, bonus offers and many more.


    To conclude, these are the high-level methods you may follow to handle bad reviews and manage upset patients. The way of reacting to all such cases is in your hands and things need to be dealt with in a matured manner. Provide a top-notch customer service at every touch points. Genuine Patients and customers will recognize and appreciate your efforts. Should you think of automating some of these aspects, then feel free to contact NextBee for assistance.




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