How To Win Good Reviews And Ratings Alluring The Customers With A Dynamic Reward Program?
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  • Reviews and Ratings play a significant role in influencing a customer’s shopping experience. It is one of the most potent factors that contribute to a successful purchase decision.

    Almost all online shoppers read reviews before making a purchase, but the numbers dwindle in actually providing it.

    The disparity between review readers and review writers creates an important question – What drives customers to write a review?

    For half of the customers, it’s the lack of motivation that stops them from writing a review. For the rest, there can be countless reasons, which are luckily not in the scope of this article.

    Focusing only on the ones that lack the motivation to do so, we have dynamic reward programs that drive your customers to provide product reviews or ratings and win rewards in return.

    Now another question can pop up in your mind – which customers to target first? 

    The answer is – loyal customers.

    If you have repeat customers with a high retention rate, it means your customers are happy buying your services. If they were displeased with your services, they wouldn’t keep coming back.

    By targeting them to review your products, you can:

    • Influence other customers to follow their lead
    • Ensure reliable availability of information about your brand
    • Boost your website traffic
    • Improve search engine rankings 
    How to get customer reviews and ratings instantly?

    Having a great product or service is one thing, but you also need to think smartly to get instant customer reviews and ratings.

    Here’s what you need to attract your customers to provide more reviews and ratings:

    • Reward customers to give a product rating and review within ten days of purchase
    • For every 5-star rating with a review, provide discount coupons
    • Provide cash prizes to customers on every referral
    • Offer exclusive deals to your top reviewers
    Dynamic Rewards: The Impactful Loyalty Program

    Dynamic reward programs have the sole purpose of creating more loyal customers. It also fosters a sense of tendency amongst your customers to buy from your brand. 

    A customer who comes back for a second time is more likely to return in the future. Once you have a fair share of returning customers, a dynamic reward program helps your brand with positive reviews and ratings, written by some of your most loyal customers.

    Here’s how you can use a dynamic rewards program successfully: 

    Diversifying Rewards

    Diversify your existing reward program’s structure by offering discounts, cash backs, and other forms of money-savers that compel more customers to participate in the program. 

    Ensure that your loyalty rewards are easily accessible, and your customers don’t have any trouble redeeming them.

    It can become frustrating for consumers to download an app and keep an eye on loyalty points and coupons, often resulting in the expiration of discount offers and rewards. 

    Ergo is essential to help your customers track their loyalty points and remind them periodically through multiple channels. 

    Forming an Emotional Connection

    Customers will remain loyal if they form a sense of connection with your brand. They will look for comprehensive experience that makes them more involved and a part of your brand. 

    Not only this, but emotionally connected customers will also buy more from your business. They don’t even care for prices at times and follow your advice because you become a trusted resource.

    A dynamic rewards program helps you specifically target a customer group with an emotional connection with your brand.

    After analyzing their comments on social networks, look out for any suggestions, improvements, or constructive criticism made by your trusted customers.

    Resolve the issues highlighted in your customer feedback, work on solutions, and incentives to make them gratified by your brand. 

    By ensuring customer happiness through emotional engagement, you will also boost the value of your brand. 

    Digital Optimization

    Digital optimization works like an elixir that adds finesse to the purchase experience your brand provides. It includes having a quick loading and responsive website and a dedicated mobile app.

    Given its benefits, digital optimization is also one of the trickiest elements of customer engagement. Many businesses run into losses when they fail to provide the same level of customer satisfaction.

    The resolution is – to provide sophisticated digital optimization solutions. With the world going mobile, businesses should follow the track and harness this change.

    According to a CNBC report, 3.7 billion people will only use their smartphones to access the internet by 2025.

    The overwhelming number of smartphone users growing every day brings the importance of having a mobile app for your business.

    While just having a mobile app is also a waste unless you also provide standout features and make it fun. The more seamless and interactive your app is, the more popular it will be. 

    Thinking beyond the numbers

    You don’t want your customers to feel you’re just selling a product to them. As we have already discussed in the previous section, it’s about the customer experience that guides your brand’s success.

    With a winning rewards program, you can think of activities that can engage your customers to promote your brand.

    By rewarding activities like providing product reviews and ratings, following your social network pages, participating in contests, and commenting on your product videos – you will convert your loyal customers into brand advocates.

    With a productive customer loyalty program like the one offered by NextBee, you can ensure customer rewards for activities like using hashtags on Twitter, tagging Instagram posts, referring friends, or just opening your website.

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