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  • Finding the right set of strategies in the B2C space is the top-most priority in a world full of hurdles. Brands always feel the emergence to introduce trending methods to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. As the competition in the corporate world is ever-increasing, business leaders recognize the value of customer engagement strategies to generate high revenue.

    Across all the industries, capturing the relevant audience is the supreme matter of concern for most business owners and entrepreneurs. It happens because every organization tries to build its community of loyal buyers by implementing a customer engagement platform for business growth.

    For them, customer engagement is the priority that makes it viable to grow their business.  We know that implementing customer engagement activities is one of the ultimate ways to win buyer’s loyalty.

    Let us delve deeper into exploring how this customer engagement program can directly benefit companies to earn optimum revenue.

    The Co-Relation between Customer Engagement and Earning Optimum Revenue

    “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you want a booming business, you have to create raving fans.” ― Ken Blanchard.

    Customer engagement and business profitability are inseparable concepts. Customers are the most vital plus reliable assets of any company because their contribution helps businesses grow infinitely. For that, brands need to introduce some engaging activities that could entice the customer base to participate.

    Constellation Research revealed a study that around 22% of cross-selling revenue can be improved through regular customer engagement, and 38% for up-sell revenue.

    Many people assume how both could be corresponding to each other as these are two different corners of the business. Well, it is quite simple to put across in a flexible approach.

    When a brand engages its loyal customers, what would happen? Buyers will start taking an interest in every activity or offers that it runs from time to time. The more customers would participate; they are more likely to get engaged with the brand.

    Some ask how it will impact the positive in-flow of optimum revenue. Once the brand can engage its customer, its sale or services will naturally go high. It will result in the probability of earning optimum revenue through suitable customer engagement activities.

    A survey by Bain & Company revealed that a 5% rise in customer retention generates more than 25% of a profitable increase in the business.

    Benefits of Customer Engagement Solutions Powered by AI

    Building a strong relationship with the customers is the primary aspect that every brand focuses on relentlessly. Every brand’s primary goal is to strengthen its promotional practices to acquire new customers to sustain in the market.

    Customer engagement ties an emotional bond between the brand and its buyers. Highly engaged shoppers will always buy more, promote the brand, and showcase immense loyalty. This further leads to increase in sale and hence, creates a scope to generate high revenue.

    Some of the key benefits of customer engagement are as follows:

    • Humanize and personalizes your brand
    • Offers a better Return on Investment
    • Seamless selling of products and services
    • Engagement drives reliability in the brand
    • Boosts customer loyalty
    • Customers share brand values with others
    • Participation involves other people to see the latest updates via social channels

    Every organization needs an engagement strategy to keep its customers partaking in every special event.

    How can Customer Engagement be Increased in 2 Days?

    Today, a lot of highly engaging marketing tactics drive business growth to maximize revenue margins. By deploying proactive engagement tactics, there is no shred of doubt that companies will not witness success and earn maximum revenue. All of this happens when a brand is likely to involve its customers rightly to buy more products or services.

    The following are some of the benefits and help techniques to engage customers at a rapid pace.

    Social Media Engagement

    Customer engagement through social media is technically a medium of interacting and engaging customers. It is a bridge to constantly touch-base with them throughout their journey with the brand.

    For example, many brands engage people on social media channels by starting a quiz, asking for thoughts or recommendations about which feature in the latest product should be introduced, or how well it has to be categorized, etc.

    All these are the parts of customer engagement that customers are indirectly or directly showing active involvement in such tactics.

    Offering Premium Membership

    When the brand gives a premium membership to existing loyal buyers, the trust factor automatically increases. It leads shoppers to have a better engagement with the brand and more reliability in the company.

    With such memberships, customers can avail early bird sales, access to products or services that are yet to launch in the market. Preview and access to those items make them feel valued.

    Rewards & Offers Drive Constant Growth in Business

    A good customer engagement always drives profitable growth and reduces customer churn rate. Having low customer engagement is an outcome of inferior marketing methods and will eventually lead to your business’s face losses.

    That is why rewards and special offers boost loyalty and engagement at its best. None of the customers would feel demotivated after receiving valuable rewards for their loyalty towards the brand.

    Such strategies assure brands to have an increased customer satisfaction rate, followed by their positive interactions with the brand.

    How Can NextBee Help?

    NextBee offers highly engaging software that ensures brands witness ever-growing profits in the business. The solution is completely customizable based on the specific business needs of the companies.

    With NextBee’s rich-featured platform, companies can design effective programs to engage their potential buyers and generate high revenue.

    The following are the benefits associated with NextBee’s robust solution.

    • Customer Lifetime Value increase by 12 percent
    • 10% More Upsells and Cross-Sells
    • 3x more personalized messages & visits
    • 50% more social engagement
    • 100% ROI and extended growth in market share

    It has easy-to-use tools convenient to design cutting-edge programs to kick start trending techniques to engage buyers.

    Generating optimum revenue and building customer engagement techniques are easy to deploy with NextBee’s fully scalable solution.

    To know more about the engagement platform, contact our team of marketing specialists who can give complete insights into the solution.

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