5 Key Factors that Determine Brand Loyalty in the Fashion Industry
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  • What is it that makes the top fashion retail outlets popular? A loyal and die-hard fan base. Brand loyalty is one major factor that sets them apart in the fashion industry.

    Did you know that around 60% of the people indicate that loyal customers are the reasons major brands in the fashion industry thrive?

    It is right, and mitigating a customer’s loyalty in the fashion industry is a tough job. We are all shoppers, and it takes a lot to leave our favorite brand behind, isn’t it?

    Changing Trends

    But much like everything in this world, the fashion retail industry is undergoing a significant paradigm shift. While many customers continue to stick to their favorite brands, many are jumping ship and purchasing from alternate brands.

    New brands are emerging every day and proving to be a challenge for some well-established brands with their out-of-the-box marketing strategies and excellent customer engagement.

    Today, it is not enough to provide a product, but focus on delivering an all-round experience to the customers. Many international organizations are breaking the norms and even providing luxury products at affordable prices.

    This means that brand loyalty is now the most crucial factor in the success of a brand, and it can be extremely challenging to maintain it.

    It is possible to get a clear idea of how many fans a particular brand has thanks to social media channels.

    More followers indicate that the brand is doing something right to maintain a strong presence in the fashion world.

    Factors That Determine Brand Loyalty in Fashion Market

    When a brand’s loyal customers increase, their overall profits increase manifolds. Whenever a customer buys a product from you, there is a chance they are switching brands.

    There is often a strong reason behind switching brands, and you have an opportunity to win their trust and convert them into brand advocates. But always remember, there are others like you, and that the customer has the freedom to choose the brand that takes care of their needs.

    While the product itself should deliver excellent value, other factors help determine brand loyalty. Some of them are listed in the following lines.

    1. Convenience:

    It is astonishing to see just how much people are ready to pay for convenience these days. That is why many customers tend to switch brands when they cannot find a product easily in their area or online.

    Whether it is an inventory issue at the physical store or hefty delivery charges on eCommerce platforms, customers would never purchase a product if they have to chase it down or pay more for it because of inconvenience.

    They indeed know about your product’s real quality, but the moment they have to face inconvenience to get it, they are likely to look for alternatives.

    1. Customer Expectations:

    Customers expect nothing but the best for the price they pay. To keep them interested in your brand, you always have to deliver on the promises made.

    Whether it is about price, overall value, or the availability of products at all locations, online and offline, your brand must prove to be dependable.

    1. Brand Reputation in Community:

    As the world is becoming more transparent, all your practices, commercial and social, are scrutinized by the target audience. A single misstep can lead to negative publicity and long-term losses for your businesses.

    Spend time creating a strong community that extends beyond your products and creates a bond with your customers.

    Be social and give the customers a reason to fall in love with your brand over and over again with constant social and brand building activities.

    Remember, customers don’t have to give you their loyalty. They can change it daily, but it is up to you to build a brand they can trust and give them a comfortable experience.

    1. Level of Customer Service:

    If anything matters more than a good shopping experience is an after-sales service. The level of customer service you have determines the stay of your customers with the brand.

    Swift resolution of issues and delivering on your promises is a sure-shot way of making your products more valuable.

    When customers are treated with respect and not like a point of sale, it lays the groundwork for customer loyalty and prevents them from being disappointed with the brand.

    In the fashion industry, brand loyalty does not come from the product itself but comes from a person who sells them to the customer.

    1. Engagement and Rewards:

    Constant engagement across different platforms like activation events, in-store deals, email marketing, customer engagement programs, tiered reward programs, and more is a positive first step towards engaging your customers effectively.

    Customers feel happy when they are not left out entirely after a deal, and the consideration they receive higher are the chances of making a repeat purchase.

    Regular engagement, being recognized, and adding value to their presence with the brand ensures their loyalty, prevents them from choosing alternate brands and puts you in a position to receive positive word-of-mouth from them.

    Final Thoughts

    Attaining brand loyalty is not easy in the hyper-competitive fashion industry. Even the most prominent fashion retail brands have a tough time staying on top of the game as new players in the fashion market bring new customer engagement strategies to the table.

    It is time to work smart and enlist every tool possible to get an edge over the competition. If engaging your customers sounds complicated, you can automate the process with NextBee’s customer engagement solution.

    No matter your objective, NextBee’s got you covered. Harness the power of their self-learning AI-powered programming that helps you create campaigns to bring in new customers, retain existing ones, and boost brand advocacy through and through.

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