Create a Delightful Experience for Your Customers and Transform Them into Brand Advocates
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  • When we talk about delighting customers, the competition becomes even more challenging for many big or small organizations. It happens due to an increasing competition among brands to turn their regular customers into loyal buyers and therefore into brand advocates.

    Many companies work persistently to vie for a spot to influence their customers in a positive way. The primary aim is to stay determined to build an army of loyal customers so that they can enroll them in a brand advocacy program one day.

    When it comes to publicizing brand image, no better program comes forward in mind other than brand advocacy. Brand advocates go the extra mile to incentivize businesses by leveraging their positive qualities to spread brand awareness.

    Have you ever thought of who these brand advocates are? What is the role they play?

    Let us discuss ways to delight customers in detail.

    What is the customer journey?

    The customer’s journey is equally important as a brand’s products or services. It is a complete tour taken by a customer to purchase products and services, get a good customer service experience, and personally interact with the brand.

    A customer journey is a crucial part of moving them towards a definite sale. Overall, it is a complete guide map that the company draws out until they do not become brand advocates for the brand.

    Customers Vs. Brand Advocates

    Around 50% of brand advocates recommend the brand to others because of positive experience, and 37% of customers desire to help other people.

    Customers are those shoppers who stay neutral and buy products without urging for demands. On the other hand, brand advocates do everything they can to amplify brand exposure.

    Loyal customers are people who stay with the brand for a more extended period as a result of good customer experience and service.

    For instance, if you run an e-commerce platform, loyal purchasers will return over and again. Perhaps, they would hardly take the pain to endorse the brand actively.

    And, brand advocates recommend the brand to others without thinking about their own profit. They are not only loyal to your brand but also proactively promote your company to their network of friends, family, and acquaintances.

    Benefits of Brand Advocacy

    Brand advocacy comes with several inevitable benefits that are undeniably difficult to ignore.

    Let’s list down some of the significant benefits here:

    • Opportunity to build trust and transparency
    • Broader customer reach
    • Brand promotion at no extra cost
    • Publicity through word-of-mouth advertising
    • Marketing across offline and online channels
    • Lesser investment and massive profits
    How To Create A Delightful Journey From Being A Customer To A Brand Advocate In 2 Weeks?

    Customer needs are not exceptional or out-of-the-world. It ultimately depends on the brand to create an outstanding experience for customers so that they never think of leaving the brand.

    However, brand advocates invest their efforts in making the success of the company. Companies who make their extreme purpose of delighting their customers receive word-of-mouth marketing without investing a penny in way of brand advocacy.

    To make customers’ journey delightful and turning them into a brand advocate in 2 weeks, the below-mentioned steps are quite helpful.

    • Spin “moments of delight” for brand advocates

    A significant number of companies focus on acquiring new customers. They set enormous financial budgets for each quarter only to nurture the customer base with rewards and incentives.

    But, do you think that’s enough to delight consumers to make them become your reliable advocates? As an employer or entrepreneur, you must consider changing the ways to allure customers so that you can buy their trust happily.

    Brands can send surprise gifts on loyal buyer’s birthdays, anniversaries, special festive occasions. It will gradually allow them to share those thoughtfulness gestures by the brand with others.

    • Personalize their buying experience

    A good buying experience matters a lot for nearly more than 80% of users worldwide without compromising the quality of the product or service.

    Through personalization, brands can create a positive image in the customer’s mind. For example, someone walks in the store; one must create magic through words and deliver what is sought by the customer.

    Offering them more than needed is what delights the consumer and drives the brand’s reliability even more than before.

    The stats revealed that an effective brand advocate marketing could amplify revenue up to 10%, and around 20% can boost customer purchasing frequency.

    • Maintain transparency

    Customers are not just brand advocates – ideally, they are the brand’s face representing your company name to other people. They are assets to the organization because it is due to their deep interest and trust in the brand that helps to carve the brand’s identity.

    So, keeping transparency with them is very important so that certain limitations can be set, and advocates are aware of what to tell others and what should stay behind bars.

    For example, when a brand advocate recommends the products to other people, he will only speak about the stuff, fabric durability, pricing comparison, good experience, et cetera.

    They will not talk about employee strength, procurement details, manufacturing cost, acquisition cost, et cetera.

    Once the advocates know everything about the brand and its background – they can analyze and evaluate the information-sharing obligations.

    How NextBee helps?

    A lot of companies today struggle to increase their market share and acquire new consumers. NextBee is a one-stop solution for companies of all sizes where engaging and alluring customers, increasing ROI, driving profitability, gaining margins through referrals, and reducing customer churn rate is not at all problematic. Do you know why?

    NextBee offers an AI-driven platform that is completely customizable and scalable pertaining to the brand’s business needs. It can be integrated with any other platform without any hassle.

    Whether the company wants to introduce a loyalty or rewards program, referral, or gamification program or wants to engage customers for becoming brand advocates, everything is possible with its robust features.


    Brand advocates do not just start recommending the brand to others. It takes a lot of persistent efforts, good service, engaging marketing techniques, and many more.

    Organizations that want to turn their loyal customers into advocates, then NextBee’s automated solution is the answer. It drives profit maximization, enticing customer base, and witnessing business growth.

    To look at this AI-powered platform, contact our professionals, and book your free demo at no cost.

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