Effective Methods You Can Use To Increase Customer Referrals
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  • To excel in the marketing web, referrals are the sure-shot way. It has been observed by several marketers over the years that over 80% of people trust a good word from their family or friends.

    So, if you are looking to prosper in more business, rewarding your customers can do the job.

    However, several organizations overlook customer referrals as an effective marketing strategy. And, the ones that have referral programs don’t have a clue how to raise the curtain.

    Truth to be told, whether or not you have a formal referral program up in the running, you surely have customers headed to purchase your products. This is because your existing customers are spreading the right word for you.

    Your customers are your gold mine. Capitalizing over customer loyalty will be an amazing way to get more business.

    Explore the opportunities headed your way!

    After all, when you get a new customer through the referral, most of your job and hard work is done. Your happy and loyal customer might have to give you credibility and a sense of conviction, which are the crucial factors for sale.

    How to get referrals?

    First of all, you need to have the right module. NextBee’s customer referral program is robust and scalable based on the changing needs of a business.

    NextBee’s customer referral solution offers the best turn-key solution for your company. Whether it is a CRM, ERP, ESP, or POS application, you can integrate any of these applications with the program.

    It becomes clear that referrals can be the simplest way for new customer acquisition.

    Let’s go through the top 5 effective marketing methods that can help you to increase customer referrals:

    Go Above and Beyond the Expectations

    As a company representative, it is your obligation to deliver a good experience to people’s interaction with your business. A remarkable experience makes you get noticed. Consumers are never dependent on a company; they can find one, even better, with a blink of an eye.

    Thus, you need to take extraordinary measures to make consumers feel welcomed. Customers talk. So, the happier they are, the happier you become. The simple conversation from one customer to another result in referrals.

    If you meet the customer’s needs, that’s great. And, if you go the extra mile to make them feel valued, it becomes amazing. Using NextBee’s referral module, you can configure the program to generate loyalty rewards, cashbacks, coupons, discounts, and so on for the next purchase they make.

    Create Easy Referral

    Customers like it easy, which is why it is important for you to ensure that the programming you are designing includes one or two steps as possible.

    The first step to making it easy is to decide what you are planning to offer. To acquire new customers through word of mouth, you have to give your customers additional benefits. For this, you need to understand what they want.

    You can understand their needs by conducting surveys or social media engagement. Once addressed, using NextBee’s program, you can implement referral features that make it easy for customers to recommend and easy to navigate through your website in order to purchase.

    Personalize Customer Interaction

    The more personalized you are with your customers, the happier they become, like offering them gift cards for their birthdays, rewarding them for completing a distinctive amount of time with you, or giving them additional discounts time and often.

    All of them are small gestures, but these help in crafting an exceptional customer experience. A simple step of personalization shows that you care for your customers, which makes them trust you.

    Personalized interactions result in creating a robust customer-base, making it likely that they refer your product to their friends and family.

    Appreciate referring Customers

    Customer referrals make your customers go out of their way to market your products. If they refer you, they are not only appreciating you but also complementing your efforts. So, thanking them with extended efforts can go a long way.

    With NextBee’s module, you can create refer programs. Thus, this helps you to find who referred you. Once noticed, don’t fail to acknowledge the customer that helps you get more business.

    Everyone looks for appreciation, so rewarding them with discount offers or coupons will make them stay loyal to the brand and can also refer you to the next set of customers. This will also help in developing a strong and long-term relationship with your customers.

    Improve your Referral Program

    NextBee‘s helps you to track and manage customer referrals easily. Moreover, this module can be customized to distribute rewards, as well.

    Using improved referral programs has made several organizations gain more customers as compared to conventional programs. The latest module by NextBee aids in creating a customized program that can be used based on the needs of your brand.

    The best way to improve your program is by understanding the needs of your clients. For example, Uber started with customer referrals that give free rides or discounted ride to the referral and customer who referred. The best deal for both. So, take time and find out what your customers need and come up with a fresh referral incentive.

    Final Thoughts

    Regardless of the brand, you are running, customer referrals should be one of the efficient marketing strategies that you need to implement. Customer recommendations lead your business to the next level. With the referral as mentioned above tips, you can create a more robust program that not only delights your present customers but also aids in new customer acquisition.

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