5 Effective Strategies To Grab 50% Market Share Within 1 Month
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  • Most of the companies aim to formulate robust strategies to gain profit in their business. When we talk about market share, we are also talking about making well-established marketing techniques.

    Such techniques contribute immensely to increase company sales and customer retention as well. The goal is not just to expand the list of loyal followers, but also to increase market share.

    So, what unique are you doing to enhance your market share in the industry? Do all your tactics help you to gain profits?

    Understandably, the step of trying to amplify market share is a constant process. In this competitive era, companies strive to acquire sales revenue and draw profit margins with every possible means.

    What does it refer to increase market share?

    Market share is the gross sale percentage in the market generated by a specific organization. It is calculated by the company’s overall sales over a particular period and bifurcates it over the industry’s total sales.

    An effort to increase market share means leveraging the probability of putting resources into sales and using new strategies to help you get in the industry’s desired position.

    How to increase market share?
    There are numerous methods to boost sales that substantially increase market share. At the point when you work to expand market share in the industry, you have to ensure you can create strategies based on your past successful progressions that sustain for months.

    Benefits that enterprise brands can enjoy by increasing market share are:

    • A competitive edge over competitors
    • Able to maintain efficient supply chain proficiency
    • Entice new customers with exclusive offerings
    • Fostering innovation and perfect market segmentation

    There is a variety of opportunities available to exercise the option to leverage the most prevalent marketing strategies to increase market share, such as: 

    • Take a sneak peek to increase brand awareness through online platforms
    • Socialize with your core range of customers by targeting specific geography
    • To escalate your market share, you must take a close account of advertising than your competitors
    • Create a unique identity of your brand that could be undeniably hard to overlook

    There are many strategies to try, but one of the most effective is to work towards acquiring a larger market share with the following five top-most techniques.

    Cultivate Relationships With Loyal Customers

    All brand representatives are doing well in maintaining a static flow of communication with customers. But, what makes you stand apart from others is the way you make your customers feel valued by nourishing the relationship by:

    • Taking regular feedback on their purchased items
    • Asking about their purchasing experience with the brand
    • Ask for ratings for the products bought or services used

    Without a strong focus on nurturing relationships with your loyal customers, perhaps brands could lose substantial market share to their competitors with a higher customer attrition rate.

    Stay Relevant In Product/ Service Offerings

    A fair market share is a benchmark of having a successful business venture. Distinguish your brand offerings from other competitors and stick to your specific niche to carve your identity.

    One right way to foster market share is to perceive new trends and implement those before your competitors spot it.

    Produce higher-quality products and services that serve a specified niche market and increase the chances of capturing a larger market share within a short period.

    Innovate New Ideas To Cater To Customer Needs

    The competition is real and challenging in the market to surpass the competitors. So, your ideas and thoughts should also be unique. To cater to many customers, your approach to entice them should be backed by advanced innovative ideas.

    A buyer is always in search of something new, insightful, and ingenious. If you don’t bring out an innovative product or service, then certainly your competitor will.

    Therefore, try to find customer’s specific preferences by following their social accounts or their written feedback to ameliorate products or services, et cetera. In this way, brands can get an idea of improving the overall services and keep customers happy for a longer time.

    Delight Buyers With Impressive Services

    Every organization’s primary aim should be to delight customers, and secondary should be to focus on ways to retain them. Some think that delighting buyers is not a challenging task, but on the contrary, it’s also not so easy.

    Once the customer senses the level of dissatisfaction with the brand, he has gone already for never to return. Few customer journeys are inevitable, perhaps good or bad. Hence, brands must create a distinct way of providing services to delight shoppers during or after their purchase.

    For instance, brands can reward and incentivize consumers because of their repeated shopping patterns with the brand. On top of it, they can be given vouchers or gifts to make them feel valued.

    Increase Customer Engagement 

    Customer engagement plays an indispensable part in the success of any organization. Without having a strong engagement strategy, no brand can imagine holding a market share in the industry.

    For instance, the Apple brand built its prominence, reputation, and loyal customer base in the initial year of the iPhone’s original release with its innovative features. And the company earned a 3% market share as a result.

    And, today, Apple has an incredible 50% market share in the mobile industry. It shows that half of the phone owners worldwide use an iPhone.

    So, brands can introduce relevant techniques to entice buyers and hold onto them until they are fully engaged in the buying process.

    How can NextBee help brands to grab maximum market share within one month?

    NextBee is a one-stop solution that mainly focuses on building good clientele relationships. With its innovative AI-driven engagement platform, brands can introduce dynamic rewards, loyalty programs, and employee engagement/ recognition programs.

    The technological advancement benefits organizational leaders to gain visibility in symmetrical business vantage and increases overall productivity. With NextBee’s software, brands can discover apt strategies to outline methods to increase market share and more significant customer retention ways to make a stable position in the industry.

    Organizations can enjoy a hassle-free experience by enrolling their customers into the relevant program and initiate a seamless engaging process. The automated solution gives top-class customer support and available to assist 24*7 to address the glitches.

    To walk through NextBee’s top-notch customer engagement platform, contact our professional experts.

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