10 Key Methods To Address Customer Preference With Engagement Activities
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  • How do you run your business? Do you pay attention to the customer preferences, or is your aim only to milk them dry through hardcore selling?

    If your answer is the latter, then you need to take a step back and reassess your strategy. If you view customers as sources for extracting more money, you will be able to sell a few products, but eventually, you will fail to establish a relationship with them.

    As a result, you will be on the receiving end of some bad publicity, and your brand will lose its footing in the marketplace and eventually vanish.

    Treat Your Customers Right

    Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and no matter what you are selling, if you ignore customer preferences, you are doomed to fail.

    Solution? The right way to conduct business today is to focus on customer engagement rather than spending countless hours on lead generation and customer acquisition.

    Don’t forget, you want customers to feel motivated to buy from your brand, and every upgrade should be because of the association they build with your company.

    The truth is that most people have short attention spans, and it resonates with their buying behavior as well.

    Moreover, with more businesses following an omnichannel approach, it is hard to stay in the consumer’s mind at all times. The moment they find something better on a platform where you lag, you will likely lose their business.

    Let’s Solve the Problem Now

    But don’t worry. Where there is a problem, there is a solution as well.

    In the following lines, we will look at some excellent customer engagement strategies that will help you understand customer preferences seamlessly.

    1. Leverage the power of social media:

    Social media platforms have a lot more to offer than merely connecting with people. These are places where people come online to find solutions to urgent problems.

    Start using these platforms as engagement tools, identify customers’ questions, provide solutions, connect with influencers, enable user-generated content, and position yourself as subject matter experts.

    2. From Free Trials to Sales:

    Free trials can be a great way to bring in new customers and also upgrade the existing ones. Your free trials should prove that once they use your product, the customers will benefit their business.

    Starting a free trial is a great way to influence usage and increases your chances of closing a deal or retaining a customer.

    But a large number of SaaS companies struggle to convert their free trial users into customers. To resolve this issue, you need to nurture your customers while they are in the trial period.

    Personalize your conversation, get to know the customer preferences better, and build a sense of trust between them and your brand.

     3. Exclusive Messages and Promotions for VIP Customers:

    Customers associated with your brand for a long time are the VIPs for your business. Over their association, they have referred friends and family to your brand.

    They are not one-time buyers but your need to work on them consistently to keep them engaged with your brand so that no competitors can steal them away from you.

    Offer them exclusive deals, and you will be surprised to see the long-term value they add to your business. If it is done right, they will spend five to ten times more than what other customers are spending while saving you the hassle of acquiring new customers.

    4. Offer Value for Money:

    No matter what market you are in or whatever niche you cater to, people want value for money. So, you should also take customer considerations seriously and work towards offering a great product or service at the right price.

    It opens up a cordial relationship with your clients and helps you nurture an army of brand advocates in the future.

    So, when it comes to obsessing, it is better to obsess over customers and offer them value rather than budging heads with the competition.

    5. Create Customized Responses to Bugging Issues:

    While content is a great way to drive engagement, you can use it to nurture customer relationships with existing clients.

    Whenever a customer posts an issue or query about your product or service, reach out to them with a customized response.

    It inspires them to stick to your brand because they feel valued. Always ask yourself, what can I do to answer all of the customer’s questions, and you will have the answers.

    6. Customer Engagement Events:

    Now, this is a tricky one, as it is subject to your marketing budget. But if you have the resources to conduct events or summits, then you must go for it.

    These engagement events broaden your horizons and set you on a learning trajectory that you have not heard of before.

    Moreover, these summits can help you associate with other complimenting brands and enter collaborations that can exponentially scale up your business.

    7. Produce Interactive and Engaging Content:

    The type of content you produce speaks volumes about your brand. It would be best if you focused on creating engaging content that can educate your audience and not get lost in the noise.

    The ability to produce the right content on the ideal platform will be the one-way ticket. Also, you need to generate new leads, develop more inbound links, and increase the sales figures.

    8. Increase Customer Engagement Spending:

    Many would argue that it is counterproductive, but that is not true. The CAC for new customers is very high as compared to the engagement costs.

    You can be all pro-engagement, but you won’t achieve the results if you don’t have the required budget to execute your ideas effectively.

    Scale up your customer engagement budget and spend the money optimally in content creation, distribution, and engagement for the best results.

    9. Provide Unmatched Customer Support:

    You are not just selling products; but also an experience to your customers, and what makes for memorable customer experience than unmatched customer service.

    Make customer service a part of your team’s KRA and involve everyone to be available for the customers through thick and thin.

    All hands must be on deck for this activity, from the sales teams to administrative teams to marketing representatives.

    10. Upgrade to Mobile Apps:

    We spend a crazy amount of time on our mobile phones, which is why brands are scrambling to take their businesses on mobile apps.

    But be careful, a good app is not just a beautiful interface with all products displayed immaculately. It is also about in-depth analytics and psychology that caters to customer preferences.

    Get an app that can turn casual customer interactions into well-bonded relationships and add value to your brand’s bottom line.

    To Wrap Up

    You can start working on the initiatives mentioned above, but one challenge remains – Organization. It would help if you still found a way to organize your efforts and get detailed reports about how each action affects the metrics.

    But don’t worry. We got you covered. NextBee offers a wide range of customer engagement tools. It helps you identify different customer preferences and unite the information into factual data.

    To find out more about engaging effectively with your customers, get in touch with our team today. Our experts will work with you to discover the ideal solution for your brand.

    Schedule a free consultation today and feel free to explore the possibilities discussed in this article.

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