5 Key Measures to Create a Positive Brand Influence within 1 Month
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  • Brand influence is a mode of attracting people to try their products or use services. It does affect the behavior of customers with the way brands advertise themselves.

    Nowadays, competition among the brands is quite diligent due to many other companies selling similar items. Businesses vie to spot the right click to engage people as much as possible. The ultimate goal is to influence prospective customers and gain their trust to build long-term relationships.

    Positive brand influence is an outcome of several marketing strategies that the brand might have tried over time. The success of any brand lies in the ability of its potential to influence the people.

    Branding is an easy task that every company can do with the help of social channels and ad commercials. But, gaining their long-term association cannot be done alone with just advertisements. It needs more rigorous efforts that influence other people.

    To put across accurately, it is a set of practices, strategies, expectations, and relationships that lasts forever in the customer’s minds.

    Brand Influence

    Brands influence people in many aspects of their decision-making to purchase the product or use services. It is no surprise that positive customer experiences lead to building a dynamic brand image in the mind.

    What is brand influence? How does it work, and what impact does it have on the users? A lot of such related questions come across when a brand tries to influence its targeted audience.

    A survey stated that, on average, it roughly takes 5-7 impressions for individuals to memorize any brand.

    It would not be unreasonable to say that brands rule us in some way, theoretically and practically. For instance, we live in an advanced digital era, where brands sell their products hand-to-hand with social media presence and online advertising mediums.

    Moreover, most people go into the store or do online shopping by just seeing a commercial advertisement on television, sponsored ads on social channels, print media, et cetera. That’s the power of influencing people with the brand’s differentiated ideas of selling products.

    Benefits of POSITIVE Brand Influence

    Brand influence benefits are limitless and positively drive business growth, customer base, and impactful image of the organization. The right marketing of the products and services drastically improves brand identity, awareness, trust, et cetera.

    Some of the excellent plus points of driving a positive brand influence are as follows:

    • A more decisive competitive edge over competitors
    • Well-established brand presence across offline and online channels
    • Recognition builds transparency, loyalty, and credibility
    • Opportunity to establish brand awareness
    • Gains customer loyalty and trust
    5 Essential Measures to Create a Positive Brand Influence in 1 Month

    Branding is one of the most crucial aspects that has great significance in building a successful business. The first impression that a brand creates is the one that lasts forever to stand out from the competitors. The audience remembers the valued products and services, not just the branding that links them to the brand.

    According to a survey by Nielson company, around 59% of buyers prefer to purchase products from brands that are familiar to them.

    Positive influence either makes or breaks your brand identity with the way you deploy the marketing practices.

    Some of the parameters are listed below that are helpful to create a positive brand influence over customers.

    • Harness the power of social media

    Nowadays, social media has gained popularity more than expected. These days, almost every organization has official social accounts and tries to build its presence by staying active on the pages.

    It is not just the postings about products or services, but companies post about occasional deals, running offers on festivals, promotional events, et cetera. It is an ideal and most-effective way to increase brand influence within a short period.

    One study revealed that 38% of mothers tend to buy products and services from companies that other females react to “Like” on Facebook.

    • Offer quality products to minimize the negative impact

    Negative comments travel faster than positive impressions? Well, it is accurate and a fact. People talk more about poor service and low-quality products to others other than recommending the brand.

    If the quality of the product the brand is selling is above the customer’s expectations, they become loyal to the brand.

    Good quality will certainly assure more influence in the market. Whereas, low-quality products or below-average services will negatively impact the image.

    • Provide exceptional customer service

    Customer service is way too important, alongside access to the good products and services.

    Have you ever seen that a customer is happy with the brand’s offerings but equally happy with poor customer service? And the buyer is regularly purchasing just because the products are refined. It is not at all possible.

    Everything needs to be taken care of when a brand intends to create a positive brand influence. It will not just spread a positive image but also make customers truly overwhelmed with the brand.

    A survey taken by Facebook over 15000 customers revealed that people are loyal to any brand for their 4 top qualities – individual experience, pricing, quality, and consistency.

    • Create your unique selling proposition

    Undoubtedly, every brand is unique, so as its selling strategy. To compete with competitors, companies launch different products or services that are better and more impactful than before.

    Launching new products becomes necessary because customers always look for trying something ultramodern and exciting. Brands must introduce their unique selling proposition to attract the existing consumer base and fetch prospective new buyers’ interest.

    For example, Apple launches new gadgets every year with improved and most engaging features. It ultimately adds a charisma to their brand image that makes it irresistible for users to try the latest versions.

    Hence, in some way, they are influencing people to buy and try their extremely hi-tech products.

    • Develop exclusive elements of brand identity

    The vital elements of a brand lie in its ability to create its overall image in the market. Some people connect themselves with the name, logo, and some recognize the brand with its distinguished products and services.

    Around 80% of customers revealed that they click a brand name appearing in a Google search result by its “name recognition.”

    Such elements influence the people in direct or indirect ways. Building a positive brand’s image is vital because it will get people into promising engagement activities.

    How NextBee helps in creating positive brand influence?

    The main idea of every brand is to identify the core aspects that could positively affect brand image. Leveraging online channels helps to monitor and optimize marketer’s efforts; and other brands rely on software tools.

    NextBee is a competitive solution that offers a robust AI-powered platform to companies who want to create their positive brand influence. With its predictive analysis, the solution predicts which impressive and user-interactive elements would help gain customer’s trust.

    The platform runs engagement programs to drive customer-oriented strategies. It allows brands to implement data-driven analysis and incentive modeling. Organizations can leverage the advantage of trending algorithms to gauge parameters to know which customer is more likely to engage in a particular program.


    Branding has always been a critical aspect of any marketing strategy because advertising the brand influentially is a long-term investment. That is why spreading the brand image correctly to influence customers has become the need of an hour for every company.

    If you want to get hold of your customers with the right branding techniques, create different engaging rewards and incentives programs on NextBee’s interactive platform.

    Contact our marketing specialists to take a demo of the software.

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