How to Start Holiday Promotions to Attract New Customers? Analyze What Industry Leaders are Doing
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  • When the holiday season arrives, companies worldwide gear up with their unique holiday promotions to attract more customers.

    Potential customers start receiving emails in their inbox, start getting promotional offers on social media, and even the customers can’t help but wonder if these programs are actually going to deliver on the promises made in advertisements.

    And from the perspective of a business that creates holiday promotions, it is often introspection time. They cannot help but wonder if their advertisements are going to stand firm amidst all the competition.

    No doubt, they cannot resist sticking to standard promotions. But if you are an active holiday business, you need to focus on developing new programs rather than sticking to the age-old techniques.

    You might sell a few packages using the traditional approach, but you won’t be able to scale up your business without introducing new-age holiday promotions.

    Benefits of Starting Holiday Promotions

    Let us eliminate any guesswork right away and let you know how you can increase your business by using well-designed holiday promotions.

    Limited Season: Holidays are there for a finite time, and thus, launching your special offers at this time is likely to be taken by the customers. Use a sense of urgency during the season and tell the customers what they might lose out on if they miss buying your packages.

    Rewarding Customers: Use the holiday season to bring back old customers and rewards their loyalty with special programs. Give them deals that will delight them and motivate them to keep coming back to you.

    The More the Merrier: Customers expect to receive many good deals during the holiday season, and you can leverage that to showcase your programs. Customers are always happy to receive more options, and you can increase your sales if you outsmart the competition during the rush time.

    Time to Buy: People are not exploring options casually during the holiday season. Their main motive is actually to buy a package for themselves. Increased buying intent means you are likely to have higher conversion rates.

    Social Media Allies: Before customers decide, they always look at the content across social media platforms. This means a lot of your competitors will put up their offerings online; you can analyze, create holiday promotions that offer better value, and get the attention of your potential customers.

    A Sneak Peek into What Industry Leaders Are Doing
    Coca Cola Canada:

    In Canada, Coca-Cola found an innovative way to brand malls during the holiday season. Since many of the customers seem to be divided on how their malls should look during the season, the idea behind their campaign was to show their favorite beverages together in a single promotion.

    The idea was to promote the idea that even if you have different preferences, you can still celebrate together with Coca-Cola products. This was one of the most admired holiday marketing programs that received a lot of praise for it.

    #OptOutside from REI:

    When REI announced that they would close all their locations on Black Friday and invited their community members to shop outside, it created new waves in the market.

    Their #OptOutside campaign got the attention of major outdoor locations, putting their spin on the #OptOutside movement, and getting attention for their out of the box holiday promotion idea.


    When HotelTonight found a way for their customers to connect and spend time with their loved ones without hassle; they made booking the hotel room way more accessible on their website.

    Customers wish to spend more time with family during the holiday season; and what’s better than visiting your loved ones without burdening them with stay.

    The campaign was received well on social media, and it was followed up by customers sharing their holiday stories with the hashtag #HotelTonight.

    Starting a Promotion Campaign with NextBee

    As it is evident from the points discussed in this article; the holiday season is all about engaging more customers, rewarding them for their loyalty, and encouraging them to become your brand advocates.

    The case studies mentioned earlier prove that launching holiday-specific offers can work wonders for a brand when executed correctly.

    You must be thinking that they are the big boys; and have access to the resources and workforce to drive these campaigns. “Can my business have something similar to offer without spending a huge amount of money?”

    Of course, it can. NextBee offers a wide range of customer engagement and advocacy solutions in the form of robust software that can seamlessly integrate with your CRM, POS, and marketing automation platform to mine customer data and then use the in-build AI programming to give recommendations based on real data.

    NextBee’s engagement and advocacy solutions give the ultimate marketing toolkit in your team’s hands. You can then use the software to create personalized campaigns to target your customers effectively.

    Increase the customer lifetime value, improve retention rates, acquire new customers, and encourage brand advocacy all from a single dashboard.

    Let’s Wrap Up

    Did that sound like a holiday pun? Well, it was intended.

    Holiday promotions offer you some of the best opportunities to increase revenue during the holidays. It is a good idea to invest your time and energy into making the best of this season.

    The benefits always outweigh the efforts involved; but now you know that you can develop such programs with NextBee’s multi-functionality platforms.

    To know more about our solutions, get in touch with our team over a free consultation today.

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