How To Drive Advocacy On Social Platforms In 5 Days?
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  • Driving advocacy is a way of promoting an organization’s name, influencing others to buy products and use services of any such brand.

    Advocates are not professional agents who take money for endorsing the brand. They are those bunch of loyal customers who are extremely happy with the services. And now, they have begun to spread brand awareness on social media platforms and through offline methods.

    If we talk about online advocacy, then customers who become brand advocates are among the most powerful assets for any organization, especially when they align their advocacy goals with social media prevalence.

    With the growing number of social media platforms creating a buzz in the market, business owners and marketers find ways to leverage the option to utilize these platforms for better growth.

    Who Are Brand Advocates And Their Approach To Drive Advocacy On Social Media?

    Brand advocacy happens in umpteen forms, but the most effective channel is social media because an estimated 3.6 billion people use social media globally. It means social platforms are one of the largest channels where the information runs faster than other traditional marketing techniques.

    More than using word-of-mouth marketing, advocates, use online networking platforms to promote the brand’s good reputation. Driving advocacy on social media means leveraging all of your social networks to engage the people around the world who are (or not) the brand’s followers.

    Creating your followers and running your own social media advocacy program doesn’t happen overnight. Everything takes time, and gradually leveraging social media platforms for advocacy runs smoothly once the person knows the tricks to follow it.

    Here are some ways to drive advocacy on social media in the next five days:

    Engage with your followers

    Social media offers a plethora of options to engage your audience optimistically. Engaging your customers with social media is an incredible way to build a community of followers for your brand.

    Just assume your followers are the customers who like to hear from you periodically. As an advocate, your aim should revolve around using powerful engagement methods so that followers come to you over and over again.

    Put relevant content related to the business

    When you know about your targeted group of people, you can find ideas to resonate with your audience. Focus on putting content that is relevant and stimulate your audience’s interest.

    For instance, identify the pain points that can increase your followers’ knowledge and be educated about your business’s products/ services.

    If you put extraneous content onto your social pages that are not related to your business, it will put your audience off interest.

    Offer rewards upon sharing 

    Every person likes to receive extra bonuses, perks, discounts from the brand for their loyalty. Isn’t it?

    To create hype in the audience, one can run a rewarding scheme for the followers. You can give discounts to the customers who share any news related to the new product/service launch on social platforms.

    It is widely known that incentives or discounts work marvelously to encourage customers. So, whenever they share anything related to the business, be it a blog or an article sharing, offer them discounts.

    Use paid promotion on social media

    Social media offers a lot of options to exercise techniques with organic and non-organic practices.

    With the help of paid promotion methods, you can set a targeted audience, geography, age-wise segregation, type of content, etc. Paid promotional techniques allow you to streamline your aim with your advocacy campaign on social media.

    Represent the brand’s reputation on social platforms

    The ideal way to gain customers’ interest is to transcribe the right words and share positive testimonials on social platforms. Brand advocates have an opportunity to amplify the brand’s good rapport on their personal social media networks by sharing things that could attract customers. In this way, they can have a good hold on the online social platforms.

    Share motivational or business leadership thoughts on your social media accounts such as – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, et cetera. Your thoughts will promote your views and allow you to represent your business and attract customers.


    Growing your loyal customers’ network takes time to influence as a brand advocate on social media platforms. However, with all the aforementioned techniques, you can enhance your value as a brand marketer and run advocacy on social media to make this a win-win situation both for customers and brands.

    With NextBee, brands can utilize social media platforms’ power to run advocacy programs and experience the advantages of an AI-driven platform exclusively designed for running loyalty, referral, and rewards programs.

    To know more about the features of the software, contact our marketing experts today!

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