Promote Loyalty and Customer Referral Program with Effective Marketing Campaigns
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  • Doesn’t acquiring new customers feel amazing? But are they your most valuable customers? Not always – the customers you already have are your most valuable ones.

    Moreover, they are easy and less invasive to convert into loyal and repeat purchasers, as they have stuck longer with you, which gives them the potential loyalty than the new customers.

    Several companies have invested time and resources in configuring loyalty and referral programs for their valuable customers. But how valuable are customer referral programs?

    Loyalty programs give you an additional benefit or an easy opportunity for customer retention. With the help of NextBee’s customer loyalty program and customer referral program, you can easily integrate your marketing campaigns within the module.

    Combining marketing campaigns with rewards will build a legacy, which can lead to referral marketing at the same time. You have to make your customers curious about your products, so they buy more. For this, loyalty rewards should be designed that perfectly complements the marketing campaign.

    NextBee’s ingenious customer loyalty platform can be configured with any marketing software, helping to motivate your potential customers to stay engaged with you for a long haul.

    Assessing Customer’s Loyalty with Impel Business Growth

    Today, acquiring a customer’s loyalty is as complex as acquiring new customers. The competition is at stake, and customers are not bound to stay with you, so winning customer loyalty is tricky these days.

    Your competitors offer the same, sometimes even better rewards and discount offers, so it is obvious that your customers can jump anytime to different businesses, and for any reason.

    So, it is nearly impossible to hold on to the customers forever. But, you can surely let them stay with you for a bit longer. Wondering how it can be done?

    Firstly, you need to become more accessible to them, not only product-wise but in terms of customer engagement and customer service too. Once your customers see that you are there to help them, they are destined to stick.

    Secondly, you need to see what your competitors are offering. Is it better than yours? Are they producing better promotional campaigns? Getting answers to some necessary questions will help you to build a refined marketing campaign to attract your customer.

    Thirdly, offering them loyalty rewards. When you have customers who have stuck for more than a year and are your repeat buyers, it’s time to value them. Create personalized customer loyalty rewards to thank them for their loyalty towards your brand.

    Creating Customer Loyalty Program for Effective Marketing Campaign

    Customers love to be humored and treated with the best offers. With social media, you have great leverage. When your customers buy your products or services, they always have to share their opinion and experience over social media sites. Thus, you can seek benefits from engaging with your customers, thanking them for the feedback, or appreciating them to help you make better products/services.

    Loyalty programs are a crucial component of customer retention. Moreover, these programs also help you to reach new audiences. Lately, we have seen a significant boost in the customer loyalty reward program generation within organizations, where several brands have acquired and retained consumers by implementing programs as their marketing strategies to increase customer loyalty.

    However, with the competition so high, it is time for you to go the extra mile in order to implement new and effective approaches. Brands have to mix conventional and contemporary techniques to model and configure their loyalty and referral programs. It will help you understand customer behavior, motivate consumers to stick with you, and implement social or purchasing actions.

    By endorsing both loyalty and referral programs in your marketing campaign, you can see a considerable increase in consumer acquisition and retention.

    Optimize Loyalty Rewards and Referrals with NextBee’s Module
    • Use the power of promotional mix by combining loyalty program campaigns with email marketing.
    • Set loyalty rewards points for new customer acquisition through referrals using text messages or emails.
    • Assign bonus points on purchase for every referral accomplished, which means your brand is getting new customers because of their referral.
    • Use the redemption messages to attract new customers, like tricking them to send referrals to renew the reward points.
    • Congratulate and reward your most loyal customers with tailored rewards, as it will make them feel valued, leading to positive brand endorsement in the future.
    • Incentivize repeat purchasers or make them your brand advocates; they will feel more inclined towards you and promote your brand among their peers.
    • Motivate your VIP and most valued customers to spread a word about your brand over their social media channels with referral programs.
    Building a Robust Referral Program

    We have been talking a lot about using a referral program with your loyalty reward module, but the question is –from where to start. Building a strong foundation is the only way to have a successful referral program that will attract your customers. So, let’s see how to accomplish one for effective marketing campaigns:

    Offer Exceptional Products/Services

    Your offer should stand out! Provide your customers with offers that go viral among customers. If you want people to recommend you, show them you can offer more. For instance, if you are providing your loyal customers with annual IT networking services, you can add free server management (for a month or depending on your time and resources) in the package.

    When your customers find that you are providing exceptional services also offering additional benefits, they will recommend your brand further.

    Create Easy Referral Programs

    Anything that consumes extra time or is difficult to understand is mostly skipped by 60% of people, which shows why several companies fail to launch an effective program. You need to make your customers recommend you further, so making them do a difficult task for just sending a referral won’t set the job right.

    Create an easy and interesting referral program. NextBee has custom-made customer referral program software, so you can configure it based on the services you are delivering.

    Set a Clear Marketing Goal

    When you are unaware of what you want, how will your customers know it? Confusing the consumers with complicated marketing goals will only drive them away; it will lead you to loss of referral and your customers. So, when you create a program, you have to be sure what the idea is behind. Is it just sales or something more to it?

    For a successful referral marketing plan, your goals should be brand awareness, new customer acquisition, increasing customer loyalty, or building a positive online appearance. So, identify them before creating a program that will hit the right spot.

    Your marketing campaigns can be fun and interesting too. All you need is to find who you are targeting and what results you are looking for.

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