7 Ways Enterprise Brands Can Make Best Use of NextBee’s Leaderboard Module To Reward Employee Achievements
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  • With generation Z and millennials dominating the workforce, you might have observed the massive shift in the way one works in the past few decades.

    When we talk about the fast-paced world, we mean the impulsiveness and impatience driving the workforce ahead. Today, everyone wants to achieve goals fast, so they put constant efforts into getting the job done quickly. This expedited nature increases their expectations of gaining instant recognition.

    Unfortunately, for them, delayed acknowledgment just serves as no recognition. So, employers also have to make efforts to recognize and to reward their staff.

    Over 50% of employees have seen growth in their work when appreciated by their managers.

    Applying the correct inspiration tactics has always been a crucial thing for any business. The sincerity and rightness of on-time appreciation make a considerable difference in terms of working.

    With the help of NextBee’s leaderboard module, organizations can compare the work-driven data in order to reward the employees for their best performance. Data is a critical component, and NextBee gives you a platform to gain the right insights, which will help drive recognition.

    As an organization, you will be able to have all the solidary benefits of the program, which will help identify the areas of interest and the one that needs the extensive focus on.

    NextBee module can help you avoid the gaps in your recognition module, which will help meet your business objectives. Let’s see how this module can contribute to recognizing and rewarding your employees.

    Posting Performance

    Peer pressure exists, and it streaks you up. As a manager, using peer pressure for the benefit of your employees and the company will help you to expand your brand value. Displaying the achievements and performance of your employees will help to motivate them throughout.

    With NextBee’s leaderboard module, you can display the performance matrices to keep your employees high on their feet. Moreover, announcing a reward-based contest will let them know that they are being monitored and do their best so they can achieve more in the coming time.

    Employees stuck in the middle will retain their focus to compete, and high performers will nonchalantly compete without bragging the rights. The corporate world comprises ambitious people, and by publicizing the module’s performance, you can get the most out of their competitive spirits.

    Employee Participation

    Unless the employees participate, how can one know their achievement? So, with NextBee’s leaderboard module, all the employees in the organization get automatically registered in the module. Whether it is a sales rep, accounts department, or marketing team, your workforce insights based on their performance will be displayed.

    With the module’s help, you can configure different contents or reward-based programs to get all your employees involved in upcoming challenges. This uses a specialized engagement solution that measures the employees’ participation.

    Thus, as a manager, you get a wand in hand to keep the staff motivated to participate and put efforts to accomplish their goals. Moreover, with transparent matrices, employees can track their peers’ cycle and feel competitive to work hard and achieve.

    Acknowledging Achievements

    Appreciation develops motivation. Acknowledging a job well done by your employees will help them achieve more, which will benefit them as the learner and help in business development.

    Praising your employees for small achievements is a strong and positive route taken, so keep that in mind. Your employees are the pillars of your company. Giving them opportunities by acknowledging their efforts will lead as an example that will motivate them to emphasize more on accomplishments.

    Recognizing employees will make them feel valued. Thus, using the leaderboard module, you can easily showcase the charts while adding personalized motivational messages to one and all. As this will inspire them to do well on their next projects and achieve more.

    Employer Branding

    You, just like your products, are the brand itself. So, in the digitally competitive world, employer branding has its prominence as a strategic venture. A well-initiated employee branding attracts the right talent, helping the company thrive and aids in positive employee engagement.

    Recognition has played a significant role in creating a strong brand identity. Inspiring the employees for their constant efforts will make them brand advocates. This will work as referral marketing, which will spread the positive word around, helping you to attract the right candidate for your organization.

    With the rise of digital media and social networking platforms, various channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, have become the prime platform recognition and brand promotion. This serves as a fuel to build good relations and enduring networks, which helps the organization succeed perpetually by creating a positive workplace.


    Rewarding the employees for their achievements will help your business to thrive, and gamification is an excellent way to do so. This tool helps to create a new interest-level by making the monotonous tasks fun and competitive. And, who doesn’t like to work in an entertaining and encouraging business environment?

    Gamification has helped several businesses to accomplish more. With this, personnel feel interested in putting in more effort without ranting out, as they get to have fun while working, and on the top are rewarded with their performance. It is a straight road to drive excellence.

    Rewards can be like shopping vouchers, free movie tickets, additional bonuses, and so on. Employees will appreciate the efforts taken to make the workplace exciting and exciting. With NextBee’s module, you can provide a gamified experience to reward your employees for their achievements.

    Learning Environment

    No one knows all. Indeed, learning is a lifelong process. Thus, in order to set the bar high and meet your business goals, you need to determine your learners. Find out what they value the most and what they bring best to their department.

    There will undoubtedly be diversifications among the departments, so you have to investigate the subjective goals and targets to craft out new strategies that will work as motivation. Thus, to implement the right reward program, it is important to know what encourages your employees to be the best throughout.

    Implementing a rewards program in your module will constantly help you and the employees to stay engaged and evaluate their strengths. This will help them to focus on fulfilling the targets and will let you capitalize on their efforts.

    Customized Rewards

    Though the employees have the same density and area of work, their performance and working type are diversified. Thus, rewarding should not have a one-solution-for-all protocol. Employees have a different expectation, so you can add incentives for their performance based on their area of interest.

    Acknowledging employee’s hard work should be done personally. So, understand what motivates them and customize a bonus on their leaderboard achievement. As this will help them to stay enthusiastic throughout and work in the puddle of amazingness always.

    The main reason behind this is driven encouragement, which helps to gain similar and even better results in the future. A customized reward or a personal touch creates a long-lasting impact on the employee, which aids in the company’s overall development.

    Leaderboard Module

    When your brand sales are rising at the top, it is easy for your employees to stay motivated. But, everything never goes at the same pace, sometimes you hit a rough patch. So, moments like this need extensive motivation from the employers, as self-motivation fades.

    Therefore, with NextBee’s leaderboard module, you can easily monitor your employees’ track record and reward them for their achievements. As a crucial asset of your organizations, your employees deserve more than the monthly payments to keep them entirely motivated.

    Commission, incentives, checks, and rewards are precisely the definitive methods to keep your team encouraged even at challenging times. But depending directly on the monetary equivalent will draw away the right source of motivation. Managers should use different techniques that will help the employees to stay focused and achieve beyond and above.

    Remember, you need to configure the program in a way that will encourage your employees.

    To make it all meaningful, you need to break the conventional pattern and start using modern and exciting practices. When employees go the extra mile, you need to reward them with something eloquent from just words of appreciation.

    Invest in the right practices to boost your employee’s morale and sales at the same time.

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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