11 Must-Have Features of an Employee Engagement Solution
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  • An engaged employee is an active employee and is vital to an organization’s performance. In fact, employee engagement is one of the most important factors that drive a company forward. 

    Why is it important? 

    Did you know that nearly 33% of employees are casually looking for new opportunities while working in their current organization? 

    As a matter of fact, almost 80% of the US workforce alone feels stressed because of ineffective communication within the organization. 63% of these respondents were of the opinion that this gap hampered their overall job performance. 

    That is the reason why organizations today are spending a lot of time and resources to leverage different employee engagement strategies to motivate their employees and ensure that they have longer tenures

    Nearly 70% of millennial employees agree that they would continue with their jobs for rewards amounting to just $150 every year. 

    What better way to achieve that by investing that amount in an effective and robust employee engagement solution. 

    But despite having a clear answer to this problem, why do most companies struggle when it comes to engaging employees? Because they do not invest in the right solution. 


    How do you find a solution that resonates with your company’s vision and helps you engage your employees effectively? 

    The best way to solve this problem is to opt for a platform that includes some of the must-have features in the market today. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

    Is Easy-to-Use:

    Make something too difficult to operate and employees will lose interest in it soon.

    Your organization might already be using multiple tools and applications in your technology stack. Therefore, it is best to go for a solution that integrates seamlessly within it.

    Has Robust Goal-Management Capabilities:

    You would need to set up personalized and group-based goals for your organization.

    Thus, a tool that can automate the goal-tracking process by accessing a wide range of evaluation methods will be the perfect fit for your organization. 

    Contains Concise Progress Indicators:

    Decrease the communication gap between employees and their managers by providing individual task statuses in the form of concise indicators.

    It saves time and provides managers with a clear overview of how all the team members are performing at a given time. 

    Has Personalization Options

    Every individual is unique. Then why shouldn’t every aspect of your program be?

    Opt for a tool that allows you to personalize it all, be it referral messages, tasks, or criteria for rewards based on achievement.

    A personalized touch always makes things better and helps in engaging the employees effectively

    Manages Reward and Recognition

    The solution should offer the managers with precise insights and highlight the top performers by easily evaluating them on different metrics.

    With a well-defined structure for the same, you can easily tie exciting rewards together and keep the workforce motivated to do better.

    Shares the Achievements

    When an employee achieves the targets assigned to them, they should be rewarded by sharing their success with everyone in the organization.

    Opt for a tool that is broadcast-ready to highlight the star performers by easily accessing API and XML feeds through the intranet and TV screens. 

    Makes Referrals Engaging

    Employee referrals help an organization in many ways and often bring in the best talent on board.

    Your employee engagement solution should allow an employee to refer their friends across different social platforms using a simplified dashboard or email. 

    Provides a Centralized Knowledge Base

    Entice employees to learn more about the organization, its objectives, HR policies, forms, and internal marketing content by setting up a centralized knowledge base.

    This acts as a hub for all the existing data with the option of adding more to it. Employees can access it, give their feedback, start surveys, and contribute through a simple interface. 

    Generates Real-Time Analytics

    Your tool should collate updates in real-time and upload the data into an analytics dashboard that can be accessed by managers to keep the feedback process strong across different teams.

    A combination of analytics and other external factors can have a positive impact on your organization over a specific period of time and understand where it truly stands.

    Enables Gamification of Processes

    The best way to motivate your staff is to gamify the objectives in their daily schedule. If an employee receives a simple ‘thank you’ message for completing a task, they get a feeling of encouragement and perform well.

    Make working a fun experience by including polls, surveys, feedback forms, and contests in dashboards and improve the staff’s morale. Include a monthly reward system for metrics like highest usage, maximum contributions, and more to keep the employees engaged. 

    Centralized Onboarding and Inductions

    The induction process does not have to be hectic and boring. Create memorable employee experiences from day one by creating personalized induction programs based on their roles and responsibilities.

    Documentation processes like onboarding forms, digital signatures, and sharing training checklists can all be done using packages created on your employee engagement platform. 

    Bonus Feature: Sends Timely Notifications 

    Notifications can engage the employees in multiple ways. In addition to that, they keep track of their progress and help them boost productivity and effectiveness at work.

    Notifications enable seamless communication between employees and management. This feature helps to broadcast information from leaders to large groups at one time.

    Bridging the communication gaps helps the employees to focus on their tasks to achieve their set milestones. 

    To Wrap Up

    Employee engagement can improve extensively with well-built software. Engagement drives an emotional connection between the employee and the company and with emotion, you can build loyalty.

    Around 79% of millennials and generation Z employees remain loyal to their organization. They do so if they are recognized for their efforts and are rewarded properly for the same.

    A satisfied employee will go beyond their call of duty and put efforts to make sure their organization succeeds.

    NextBee’s employee engagement solution has helped over 10 million users across the globe. It is being utilized by the likes of Netflix and American Eagle to name a few.

    Engage your team with an AI-driven End-to-End Solution with a proven track record among leading brands and small businesses. Get in touch for a free consultation today!

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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