7 Techniques to Best Utilize Gamification Module to Increase Retail Store Employee Attendance
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  • Employee gamification and rewards impel productivity as well as efficiency. Getting gold stars from teachers, or a piece of appreciation from your manager gets you going further.

    Organizations have seen that, with the implementation of gamification module, if the workers are rewarded, they give it back to the company. How? By extending optimum output. This directly helps the enterprise to work effectively and gain more revenue.

    Well, the workers are the bloodstream of an organization, and keeping them happy will result in increased attendance and throughput.

    Several stores had made employee rewards possible with the help of gamification. Gamification not only aids in rewarding the employees but also helps in making the mundane tasks enjoyable.

    Gamification is not a new thing, not for centuries but at least for a decade it has been around, and you can see it everywhere in the business world today. This has provided a massive amount of benefits to the retail employees.

    If you hover around you can see the retail divisions incentivize the loyal employees by adopting interesting challenges with milestones. Starbucks, the most popular coffee house, has started to reward its customers for their every purchase with Gold Card Stars. In the same way, retail stores have started with employee incentives for maximum sales.

    The Gamification module has an outstanding efficacy to reward a positive and loyal employee for productivity. A number of retail businesses have seen the humongous benefits of this program.

    The question is – are you using the gamification module to inspire your retail employees?

    To gain better performance from the workers, it becomes important to keep them engaged. This can be done with interesting challenges and rewards, which will directly aid in increased productivity and attendance; thus, helping you to boost your revenue.

    We have beefed up 7 techniques that will help in increasing retail workforce attendance.

    Let’s browse:

    Acquaint Employees with Rewards

    We have initially stated that rewards increase productivity. So, to propel, appreciating the employees is great, to begin with. NextBee’s gamification module can certainly help the retail store owners to clock on some new and exciting challenges for their team.

    For instance, they can start with the most sales program. A number of marketing and sales teams are doing this. You can also award them for timely arrivals, as this will help to retain the punctuality of the store. This will help you avoid any chaotic situation. Trophies and badges will do the job right and entail in sustainable performance. All of this is a starter to keep the attendance chart regular and intensify the throughput.

    Indulge in Interactive and Encouraging Environment

    If the retail workplace is interesting, it will increase the number of customers visiting. Imagine, when you play a game, every time the level increases, but the process stays the same. Likewise, the job can be monotonous, but with various challenges, it will be fun to perform. You can apply the gamification mechanics to your store employees and see the attendance and performance level scaling up.

    Include All in the Particular Work Chain

    Workers are not the only one to work there. If you want to increase sales and overall compliance of your unit, you need to include managers and supervisors as well. You can gamify the performance level of everyone in the store and draw up the attendance modules.

    NextBee’s gamification module presently focuses on uplifting the retail environment. It aids to assess the performance of every employee, manage the contract hours, compliance of working, and many more. As everyone is encouraged to compete in interesting ways, it increases their presence in the store.

    Make it Applicable for All Aspects

    In order to increase the attendance of the attendees, you need to focus on all the aspects. Another crucial factor to increase retail employee attendance is to manage the unplanned leaves and absence of the employees.

    Most of the unplanned absence is because of health issues. You can extend medical benefits to your employees. And, also manage their health and lifestyle goals. When you add on the helpful medical factors, it will put a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of an individual. In fact, this will make them feel that you care for them.

    Create a Level Working Patterns

    For attendance, there are perhaps more prospects present if you opt for NextBee’s gamification module. However, one should not forget to imply a level playing field for the employees, as this is the one right protocol for fairness. Gamify the work shifts as a fundamental element, as this is generally a crucial part of daily working experience.

    Thus, it is important to take extra care to assure that everyone has the same competing level (per se hours and sales).

    Set Interesting Milestones

    NextBee gamification module can help you in setting customized milestones for your taskforce. It keeps them present as well as interested in working the shifts. Target – a Canadian retail store introduced gamification to check the performance of the cashiers. In this process, the cashiers have to scan and collect the payments while maintaining the same performance level. This game has helped the cashing staff to stay energetic and stimulated throughout.

    Employ Motivating Solutions

    Top-most brands like Nike, Kenzo, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and even the US Army have introduced gamification. It allows customers and employees to always stay motivated and connected.

    NextBee has helped top-notch companies to employ gamified modules that drive excellence from their workforce. Also, it diminishes the absence rate significantly. The motivational campaigns challenge the staff and keep them going in direction of fruitful performance.

    A number of retailers have been instigating different and fun solutions with NextBee’s gamification module. So, when will you contribute in making interesting amendments to your retail stores?

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