How Does NextBee’s Task Progress Indicator Evaluate Employee Performance And Productivity?
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  • Every business has its own set of goals and responsibilities that they need to take care of. With regards to the work environment, it’s reasonable the occasions are not just a-changing — they’ve just changed.

    Whatever business you are into; evaluating the employee’s performance always contributes towards the growth of a company’s success.

    According to a recent survey, about 70% of employees remain distracted at their workplace. For such employees, it is productivity that always proves to be a challenging aspect.

    Is there any parameter to evaluate the employee’s performance and productivity?

    Yes, a task progress indicator helps the companies evaluate the productivity of their employees. Not just this, it even helps your employees by guiding them about various techniques that can boost up their productivity. Seeking the help of task progress indicators, employees can easily meet their short & long-term goals.

    Let’s look at a few task progress indicators that supercharge employee’s productivity & performance
    360-degree feedback mechanism:

    This feedback mechanism involves the comments of your team members combined with that of the higher management. Based on the daily activities of the employees, feedback is gathered from everyone and passed on to the employee.

    Adhering to the deadlines:

    With the help of task progress indicators, it becomes easy for the employees to manage their work. They know about the time frame assigned to them for the completion of a particular task.

    Rewarding the employees:

    From getting appreciation for getting new contracts, the employee’s hard work is the main reason. It always calls for a reward or bonus. Not because the employee needs it, but the company wants to acknowledge the hard work done by the employees. For every exceptionally performing employee, the managers need to reward them in order to boost their confidence.

    How do task progress indicators help in the growth of your business? 

    It is true that organizations keep on adopting one or the other way to identify what works best for them. This sometimes helps them drive more business.

    When anyone starts a business, the struggle keeps ongoing whether or not the business is progressing. At one go you think that our business is running so fast. However, on the other end, you feel everything has stopped all of a sudden. To get your performance off the ground, make a task progress indicator your one and only helping hand.

    For any organization to grow, it is the employees who build the base. True is the fact that ‘What gets measured, gets done?’ When employees get evaluated on the basis of their tasks, behavior, and performance, they feel motivated to grow. Task progress indicators are meant to help organizations drive more and more business.

    Task progress indicators clarify on what position you are standing in the business market. If you are ranking on the lower side, you can guide the employees to work more on a particular domain to improve the stats. However, if you are excelling, you can incentivize the employees to keep working at the same pace.

    Being an employee, using your time in the growth of your company’s success is all you dream about.

    Some important task progress metrics that can help you as an employee to expand the business of your company are:
    • Once you start to get an idea about your month-over-month growth, it becomes easy to decide your goals for the upcoming month that helps to drive more business.
    • Retaining old customers is another important task that every employee needs to take care of. When you go through your progress indicators, you come to know about the amendments required by your existing customers. Based on this data, you can carry out some changes and cater to their business requirements.
    • Employees need to audit their work once before submitting it. This minimizes the chances of errors. Lower the errors better will be the performance of an employee in the task performance tracker.
    Final Thought

    Every year, worldwide companies think of expectations on improving their employee’s productivity and performance. Their predictions depend on a whole year’s study and analysis of the new task progress indicator.

    Although patterns may go back and forth, there is no point in settling on a clueless choice to pursue these aimlessly. Researchers and specialists always recommend that we should think about yearly predictions first. Afterward, examine what works best for our association, and then implement these in a good way.

    Get in touch with NextBee to know more about the task progress indicators. We help you drive more business by keeping your employees happy and engaged.

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