How To Boost Employee Performance With Automated Recognition Process in 5 days?
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  • Have you ever noticed that when new candidates join the workplace, they come charged and enthusiastic?
    But, after a few months or years, suddenly their motivation and morale go down.

    What happens to their good aspirational ideas, performance, goals, and inspiration after a certain period?
    Let’s explore some useful and quick methods to drive employee performance and how a recognition programs can help.

    In today’s evolving business environment, encouraging employees to strive for excellence is the primary concern for most businesses. When we talk about motivation and employee performance, the primary thing that strikes to mind is leveraging the benefit of automated employee recognition processes that take care of specific parameters.

    Employee performance and productivity continue to be indispensable factor for any organization. Entrepreneurs and HR managers always look out for diverse methods to boost employee morale. They do so with various engagement tactics to drive employee performances.

    A study by Gallup mentioned that employees who are highly engaged in the workplace are 27% more likely reported as “excellent” performers. Now, one can imagine why brands choose to implement employee recognition and engagement strategies in the workplace.

    Traditional employee morale-boosting strategies such as – timely offs, a comprehensive list of yearly holidays, monetary perks at certain occasions, gifts on festivals, etc – started to fade away and got limited to some extent.

    The organizations that want to grow with time, implementing the latest morale boosting techniques as it becomes necessary to increase employee’s efficiency in work.

    Here are some brilliant ways to increase employees’ morale and performance without investing a hefty amount.

    Performance-based weekly perks

    Incentives and bonuses are two prominent perks that every employee expects from their employer. It is often used as a trick to increase the competence of its workforce.

    However, when brands start giving performance-based incentives, perks, bonuses, et cetera, employees behave cognitively to stay goal-oriented and perform extraordinarily.

    To make the working system more robust, companies can implement an employee recognition platform that provides the freedom to design perks for their employees. By doing this, the brand can notice a drastic change in their performance in the following week.

    Organize weekly events and recognize employees contribution 

    Recognizing an employee’s contributions is a significant part of boosting their productivity. That is why the style of working in any workplace is changing at a faster pace. Organizations are moving ahead, leaving behind the traditional way of uplifting employee’s morale.

    Likewise, brands can organize events internally every week and pick out the excellent performer from respective departments. When the superb performance and the employees’ contribution comes into the limelight, their determination to perform better gets enough boost.

    One research found that 82% of employees across the industries feel that employers miss out to recognize their efforts.

    That’s why companies are integrating automated recognition software solutions. With the help of such robust platforms, brands can have several ways to implement new methods to upgrade the overall working processes and systems.

    Introduce automated and dynamic rewards 

    Rewards are one of the first and foremost choices of any company because whether it is a customer or an employee, rewarding schemes never fail to subside the employee interest.

    It is not a mandate to offer rewards only when the staff delivers outstanding performance. Sometimes, a few perks offered to the average or low-performing employee also does wonders as it naturally gives a boost to perform and enhances their self-confidence.

    Brands can pick out any random day of the week and offer them a movie ticket, lunch coupons in the office cafeteria, a weekend pass of any nearby amusement park, etc.

    All of this can be done through an automated recognition platform that can detect the activities of all employees with its predictive analytics processing. With this system, companies can have a fair idea about how to boost employee engagement.

    Indeed, when employees are happy, satisfied, and motivated, their work productivity level automatically increases.


    Employee productivity is imperative for every organization. The more an employee puts effort into his/ her work, it will benefit the overall business as a whole. The amount of time and money invested in employee growth certainly makes a significant impact on company sales revenue.

    To create a friendlier employee recognition program, brands dwell on NextBee’s well-designed employee engagement and automated recognition solution that is perfect for all sized companies. With this platform, you can engage your employees well and deal thoughtfully with their low productivity levels.

    To know more about the solution, feel free to book an online demo. Our industry experts will guide you through the software.

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