7 Ways To Improve The Performance of HR Managers With An Automated Employee Engagement Process
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  • There is nothing more important than the employees who serve the organization with zeal. While only 53% of organizations take the time to look at employee engagement, many HR managers agree that the ones that do pay attention to employee engagement achieve the best growth and outstanding financial returns.

    And even though every department in the organization has unique training programs, HR continues to be underrated in many companies worldwide.

    HR managers ensure that they maintain an ideal working environment for all employees and enable access to any resources.

    Their job is crucial to an organization’s success as they look after the essential needs of the employees.

    They take care of employee wellness, payroll, workplace policy enforcement, recruitment, onboarding, grievance resolution, and employee engagement, to name a few.

    Why Should You Automate Employee Engagement Processes?

    Over the past many years, we have seen a wide range of automated solutions for managing HR operations and employee payroll. But even today, employee engagement is still a manual process.

    HR managers of top organizations agree that HR departments are understaffed in many aspects, and often they lack the adequate workforce to hire candidates for employee engagement.

    They are not the only ones to blame, as many company owners also believe that employee engagement is not an essential part of the HR department’s day-to-day operations.

    But they are wrong. But their concerns cannot be dismissed entirely because employee engagement activities lead to increased overheads.

    So, what is the solution? The answer is, automate employee engagement for the entire organization.

    How does automating the employee engagement process impact employee’s performance?

    When you automate your employee engagement programs, it builds a transparent structure and instills loyalty among the employees.

    Everybody loves to feel valued, and when you instill belongingness in their hearts, they are always prepared to go the extra mile for the company.

    To understand the concept better, let us look at some of how automated employee engagement programs add value to your organization:

    1. Information Management:

    HR managers can get all the employees’ information inside a one-stop-solution and automate small yet significant initiatives from the employee engagement solution itself.

    You can send out birthday wishes, announce work anniversaries, manage leave statuses, and provide the data to all the concerned employees quickly.

    In addition to that, the tool can function as an employee directory and save the HR department a great deal of time that would otherwise spend in doing the activities mentioned above manually.

    2. Training and Engagement:

    It is often a struggle to bring employees into HR training programs, and not getting a timely alert is one of the top excuses used by employees.

    But with an automated solution, you will be able to inform them in advance and send timely reminders. Also, you can have notifications when someone sees an invitation.

    As a result, you can monitor employee’s attendance quickly and seamlessly monitor their learning speed over a specific training period.

    3. Feedback and Suggestions:

    HR managers will agree that they can work better when they are synch with the employees’ expectations. An automated solution can offer a feedback section where employees can share their concerns without any fear.

    Gathering regular feedback helps resolve issues before they become more prominent and have adverse effects on the employees.

    You can also conduct polls, surveys, and have employees fill the forms online without any hassle. This helps the HR team to give employees a sense of ownership when it comes to organizational decisions.

    4. Network Management:

    Interpersonal and professional relationships at work matter. Employee engagement helps build these relationships as it brings everyone together on a common platform for some R & R.

    Employees get to know each other better, and this harmony then reflects in their interactions with clients.

    These interactions also add to the HR team’s efforts to enhance the organizational community and improve networking.

    5. Performance Management:

    Another notable feature of automated employee engagement solutions is that you can monitor and measure an employee’s performance after they have attended a specific training program.

    This section is accessible to both the employee and their reporting manager. It allows regular performance review transparently and leads to better productivity at the workplace.

    6. Recruitment and Referrals:

    Enable employees to refer their friends through a centralized platform and also highlight any inter-departmental shift opportunities on your engagement tool.

    It helps the employees to refer their friends without the hassle of asking for favors from managers. It also opens up more growth opportunities in the organization and makes the recruitment process more transparent.

    Additionally, you can reward the employees for their referrals if their friend gets hired and spends a specific amount of time with the organization.

     7. Onboarding and Exit Interviews:

    Onboarding is one of the most extensive processes done by the HR team. By automating this process, HR managers can make sure that every employee is introduced to the company innovatively.

    You can make the process more interactive with flash animations, introduction videos, and more. Upload all the organizational policies on the automated platform and make them accessible to the employees for reference.

    Also, it can be of great help during exit interviews. It gives the employees leaving the chance to express their views freely. You can also add a virtual farewell on this platform and make the employee’s final moments with the company more memorable.

    To Wrap Up

    An automated employee engagement tool makes the HR manager’s life more comfortable and adds tremendous value to your organization. 

    It also encourages your employees to become a part of more organizational activities during their stay with the company.

    Are you a smart HR manager who wants to automate employee engagement activities in your organization?

    Get in touch with us today to find out more about automating your employee engagement activities. Our experts will guide you through the entire process diligently and make sure that you deploy a solution that improves your organization’s performance exponentially.

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