How To Start Engaging Brand Advocates In 3 Days With NextBee?
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  • Evolving digital experiences have influenced our lives in such a way that we have forgotten many traditional and outdated procedures. 

    For instance, if you took everyone using Windows 10 and made them use Windows 95, you can imagine some annoyance. 

    The reason is simple – we have become accustomed to a specific expectation of technology, and while it is possible to go back, we don’t want to.

    Technology plays a pivotal role in providing an innovative, focused, and pragmatic way of enhancing onboarding experience. Some businesses fail to realize that onboarding also improves the odds of a customer becoming a brand advocate

    Why Brand Advocates are essential to your business?

    A business runs on its customers, and every customer is unique. If your brand brings them value, they become satisfied or even become repeat purchasers of your products or services. 

    Only a few customers go on to become the pillars of your brand. They are your brand advocates who share their great experience and influence your target audience’s purchase decision.

    Brand advocacy forms the center of a specialized strategy that focuses on what is best for the specific customer. It is a work culture duly supported by brilliant customer service and marketing.

    With a brand advocacy program, you can incentivize customers to share their positive experiences about your brand. It also gives you a headstart against cutthroat competition and falling customer loyalty. 

    Engaging Brand Advocates with NextBee

    NextBee provides intrinsic brand advocacy programs that develop distinct touchpoints to help brands address their customer queries through advocates.

    Acting as brand representatives, they proliferate quick information exchange between the brand and the customer. By caring for the customers’ needs, brands establish themselves quickly in the market and grow faster. 

    Even if there is resistance in the initial phases, advocacy programs offer a quick resolution. It also helps in capturing the customer’s interest and breakdown any product-related apprehensions.

    Brand advocacy programs follow best practices to give brands more opportunities to build personal relations with customers and the capability to remain dynamic and adapt accordingly to the customers’ needs.

    NextBee’s advocacy program generates greater customer engagement that allows you to convert your loyal customers into brand advocates.

    Here are the four key factors that make our advocacy programs highly successful and engaging to brand advocates

    Built around key motivators

    NextBee develops effective advocacy programs that involve creating brand advocates all across the world. 

    Fostered brand advocacy can yield significant benefits for your company that includes an increase in sales and positive brand sentiment. 

    By quickly developing exciting group challenges across social media, community motivation increases that encourages brand advocacy. 

    The brand advocacy programs also include auto-triggered credits when a customer shares a positive experience or a correct product usage video on social media. 

    Guaranteed results through smart controls

    NextBee achieves continuous customer engagement through emails that include weekly challenges, offers, and other one-click activities.

    Using your data to discover and recruit top influencers on social media, you can target segments with custom messaging.

    With a full-customizable brand advocacy dashboard, you can track the rewards and actions needed to gain points. Its adaptive interface allows you to quickly analyze the activities of a brand advocate and check their captured demographics.

    By pre-registering current users and reducing any sign-up friction, you can encourage early brand advocacy activities by giving welcome credits. 

    Best-in-class technology platform

    By using optimized Social Connect plugin for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can easily encourage your brand advocates to share. The program is also available as a mobile application to help you stay engaged remotely. 

    With an integrated Single Sign-On technology, users can log in with their current customer accounts. It can also synchronize all your major CRM software automatically to track every engagement both online and offline.

    By developing a series of events and milestones, you can use the program to create automated messages for birthdays, anniversaries, or first purchases. 

    Commitment to Success

    NextBee’s advocacy programs let brand advocates take the lead by facilitating customer-generated content.

    The program also helps in creating social media and blog posts with pre-filled content. It can use your data on user activity to generate insights about your best brand advocates.

    NextBee also provides consultation for facilitating group webinars, creating learning modules, and promoting one-on-one assistance to top brand advocates.


    Happy customers have an excellent possibility of becoming your brand advocates. NextBee‘s brand advocacy program lets you quickly track your most active customers and make them brand advocates. 

    By adding more rewards, you can increase your plan’s participation, which makes your customers more likely to share your content. 

Align Your Company, Your Teams, And Your Individual Employees To Foster A Company Culture Rooted In Success.



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