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20 Creative Ways To Reward Your Customers That Can Boost Brand Loyalty
  • Establishing the brand is an ultimate goal for any business, but to make an ever-lasting impact of the brand name is what matters eventually. Driving the customers towards your brand needs to be consistent and that happens when you are able to deliver high-end products, marvelous customer service, and lucrative rewards.

    As per the study by Forbes, 80 percent of the company’s revenue in the future is predicted to come from 20 percent of the current customer base. Hence, it’s so imperative to keep your loyal customers happy and boost their brand loyalty by giving them timely rewards, and gifts.

    To keep such brand loyal customers ecstatic, there are umpteen innovative cum creative ways to showcase your concern for them and keep them stick to the brand.

    Offers on birthdays – Birthdays are special so as your customers! Sending birthday wishes or a small gift will add value to enhance brand loyalty for the customers.

    Reward on referring a friend – Loyal customers are rare to get. The loyal ones should be rewarded with exciting perks in any kind when they refer a friend to your brand.

    Free gift for family shopping – Who doesn’t like to adore free gifts and small presents? One little present on the day of family shopping will make them feel good.

    Anniversary cards – Just send them a sweet couple card on the day of the anniversary. This will ensure a strong connection between the customer and the brand.

    Deals on kids shopping – Kids are sweet and so should be the deals. Give some freebie deals when the customers come to buy stuff for their kids. They will definitely admire this sweet gesture.

    Festival bonanza – We all celebrate festivals with enthusiasm and connect to our closed ones. So, never forget some special fun-filled moments on big festivals like Thanksgiving, New Year, Christmas, etc. Engage your customers in the festival week and give them special treats on shopping with the brand.

    Best shopper of the month – Giving rewards to the best shopper of the month in the form of some glorious items and perks who has done maximum shopping during the month. This will surely encourage them to stay loyal to your brand and go for further shopping.

    Movie tickets for a couple – Let your best shoppers do their work, and when you take the feedback from them, ask about their free time and surprise them with a free movie ticket for a couple. Let them enjoy by spending time watching their favorite celebrities.

    Quarterly special shopping offers – Offering some exciting offers to your customers won’t make them feel bored at all. One of the best to entice your customer is to give them some offers on quarterly basis irrespective of their buying behavior.

    Credit points on minimum shopping – Let customers enjoy some extra credit points on a certain value which they can afford. Should not make them feel over-burdened and keep some pocket-friendly minimum shopping value and give rewards on minimum shopping value.

    Invitations on new product launch – Take out some time to meet your customers and connect with them on new product launches. Invite them and make them feel to be a part of your team.

    Social gathering for loyal customers – Who doesn’t like to attend social gatherings and enjoy the taste of cocktails? Bring customers on a common platform, let loyal customers socialize with each other and enjoy some good time discussing their buying pattern.

    A lucky draw event – Plan a draw event on a particular day, and put the names of all loyal customers. The reward to be given to the first three names and the rest of the customers must be given an offer on their next shopping. Isn’t that amazing?

    Plan a quiz contest – Conduct a special quiz session and let customers enjoy it along with some social gathering event. It’s a good initiative to entice loyal customers when they will be awarded lucrative rewards on every rightly given answer.

    Merchandise products with brand logo – Customers show brand loyalty when they are always treated well and given some memorable gifts to cherish forever. Make your customer feel special too by giving away some t-shirt, mugs, bags, with the brand logo printed on it. It will remind them about your brand every time they see it.

    Celebrities’ autographs – Gather entire information about customer’s interests and their likes/ dislikes. And give away your customers to cherish the autographs of their beloved celebrities.

    A free item on every purchase – We all love to receive surprise gifts, yes? So, why can’t a customer should feel delighted on every purchase with any item of their interest, that too free of cost. It will also boost brand loyalty.

    Personalized thank you notes – Hand-written notes always conquer the printed ones. Give your customers a personalized ‘thank you’ note or a card on their every purchase for shopping with the brand.

    Surprise vacation coupons – Wow, this won’t let any customer go anywhere else. Surprise your customer which they can actually relish throughout life. Give them a short getaway vacation break and let them enjoy some family time together.

    Discount on brand promotion – Upon contributing a little on brand promotion either spreading the word in family or friends, the customer should be entitled to get some sort of reward from the brand. 

    Driving sales strategies are predictable to fetch more customers; however, creating an effective strategy for customer retention and to make them delightful is more significant. Nextbee is one such robust and most effective platform wherein you can create loyalty programs for your esteemed customers.