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7 Key Advantages Of A Successful Brand Advocacy Program

Brett Tadlock

VP of Customer Engagement

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brand advocacy
  • Do you think anyone can speak better about your brand than your Customers?

    Of course, Not.

    Consumers that have experienced your products and services know you well and can endorse more than anyone. To leverage the most loyal customers into advocates a term named ‘Customer Advocacy’ is widely used.

    A recent study has found that customer advocacy programs have grown over the years. In fact, brand advocacy has become a vital marketing sword for many organizations. Adopting a brand advocacy program can help businesses to actively involve in the sales process to prosper the organization’s goals. Consumers of the brand are closely connected, hence can easily impact buying decisions. 

    It is observed that the most loved brands are those that can build a strong connection with consumers. An efficient advocacy program enables customers to hold a better image of the brand. It is highly recommended to let customers speak on your behalf for your services. Also, make sure to improve customer services, products, and enhancements often. 

    Ultimately, the most effective way to grow the business is by building a strong network of advocates. 

    It is required to grasp the new needs and desires of customers for a product. Allow them to share their views and work over it accordingly. Indeed it will make multiple promotional marketing channels. Let’s ponder over some key advantages of a successful brand advocacy program:

    Brand Advocates talks fair about your brand
    It is seen that advocates love to talk about your service and probably more when they like it. Brand advocates are keen to share the details more than an average internet user. Almost half of the advocates view the information sharing tab and work on it. These advocates are inspired to make decisions and solve issues and update the information. Usually, smart organizations tend to make it easier for brand advocates to share details about the brand. Display info through blogs on various social sites.

    Advocates want to be recognized
    It is a fact that brand advocates want to be known for their hardships and valuable insights. They are deeply motivated when their work is appreciated for helping people and offering stuff. Also, they love to be seen as a much reliable and important source of detailed information. Innovative ways should be made to recognize and appreciate your valuable customers. This can help them boost their efficiency more.

    Advocates offer productive information
    Brand advocates stand apart from internet users sharing their experiences, in the way they share prolific information about the services they used. The study found that brand advocates are known to initiate much more communications about the brand than average web users. They are more expert in drafting useful content and sharing it on various social platforms and other highly visible sites.

    Advocates influence the views and purchases
    Usually, brand advocates are fond of connecting with people and tend to make them new customers for your brand. They are highly convincible and can impact the user’s view and change their opinions for purchasing decisions. Also, they share relevant and useful details of your services and love to connect with people who hold similar interests to buy. They help to maintain an effective advocacy program throughout.

    Advocates talk about their choices
    Advocates are confident about their choice of products and services. They frequently talk about them to other users. Inspire them to busy and avail more benefits from the brand. If in case the brand is not much known to customers, advocates make it easier for it to become discoverable.

    Advocates widely share opinions on Social Media
    Brand advocates are most likely seen to use social media platforms for sharing their views and opinions. They are twice more keen to share the brand or its service on social media networks as compared to web users. Certainly, social networks are now widely preferred to read reviews and know more about the service, here the brand advocacy sharing insights policy wins.

    Advocates have more connections
    Brand advocates have a much broader network to share and communicate well about their beliefs for a particular service. They are likely to share detailed information for the service to let people understand the company better. They ought to influence people and share details. It is assured that their messages reach a wider range of audiences easily.

    Final Words

    Surely, Brand advocates are the best friends for your brand. Value them and motivate them for the work they do for uplifting your brand by various means. It is highly recommended to use a brand advocacy program for your business.

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