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Features And Functionalities Of A Successful Loyalty Program For E-commerce Business
  • The rise of e-commerce business has been revolutionary in the past decade. Trends do change, and the e-commerce sector has gained immense popularity across the globe.

    With technological advancements – in the form of internet, web portals, and online shopping platforms – e-commerce has reached out to the extreme corners of the world. In fact, the profit generated through online purchases has skyrocketed and the trend is still booming.  

    Pertaining to the present scenario and future forecast, the prospect of e-commerce is bright.

    But, hold on! There are several e-commerce businesses operating in the market. And the customers have ample options to buy from any online platforms.

    So, to establish your brand and generate increased revenue, you must retain your customers and encourage them to shop from your brand repeatedly.

    That’s why businesses are launching e-commerce loyalty programs to gain customers’ confidence. The E-commerce Loyalty Program is an exceptional marketing strategy that is well-designed to attract new customers and also retain existing ones. 

    In the race to win more potential customers and also to be a step ahead from the competitors, implementing a Loyalty Program for your eCommerce business will do wonders.

    Let’s check out how loyalty programs can prove to be beneficial:

    • Improve customer acquisition and retention
    • Make consumers feel valued and appreciated
    • Accelerate business growth
    • Drive repeat sales
    • Establish the brand in the market
    • Customer satisfaction through various reward schemes

    Going by the benefits, it clearly signifies that you should launch an e-commerce loyalty program. It will work as a catalyst in terms of generating more revenue.

    There are a few important features that help e-commerce businesses to build successful customer loyalty programs. Let’s explore those in detail.

    Mobile App Engagement

    Providing the customers with something innovative and useful will keep you ahead of your competitors. In the era of technology, what else would be more useful than introducing a dedicated mobile app from where customers can search and order their favorite products online, anytime and from anywhere.

    Nowadays, Mobile App is a quintessential medium to engage with customers. One of the advantages of having a mobile app is Push Notifications. It helps in connecting with your potential customers at every touchpoint, and share information regarding the latest updates. Push Notifications can be sent for various reasons – offers, discounts, new product launch, seasonal sales, rewards schemes, and many more.

    Promotional Offers

    Just a single offer is not prolific to gain customer attention. E-commerce businesses tend to gain recognition when customers feel glad for availing various offers and thereby maintaining brand loyalty.

    Foster your brand both offline and online by introducing lucrative promotional offers that indirectly push the customer to buy over and over again. Customers keep on repeating the purchases when they are satisfied with the offers.

    Tiered Membership Schemes

    Bringing on the distinction in the customer list as per their rank and perceiving their buying pattern is phenomenal. Through a tiered membership scheme, a loyalty program can provide certain perks, benefits, incentives, or rewards to various segments.

    Customers as per the designated levels can enjoy allocated benefits associated with each tier. In return, people will likely to buy willfully just to enjoy the benefits or perks being given to them and this trend boost customer loyalty as well.

    Pre-access to Products

    Whether the e-commerce loyalty program is designed to drive more sales or pulling an extra bunch of customers, the idea remains the same and that is to gain customers’ attention.

    Whenever there is a shout-out to any new product, customers must be given a pre-access to watch the products they are interested in. Their request to access the unreleased products will make them curious to buy that. They are the true brand aficionado that will remain holistic.

    Implement Reward Programs

    Give your customers all the reasons to stay and showcase their loyalty towards the brand. What could you do to make your customers a life-long asset?

    Every business implements strategies to give away rewards to their customers. Although, most of it matters when the business understands the real meaning of driving reward programs.

    Rewarding your customers aren’t limited to just giving a reward, it’s more than that! The idea is to make them do unceasingly shopping without thinking about later-on conclusions; because they should already know, the brand would take care of them if they give repeat business.

    Complimentary Shipping Charges on Online Orders

    The fact is when a customer is purchasing any product for – let’s say $300 – he/she won’t care for paying additional shipping charges for $10 or so. Isn’t it?

    But, an e-commerce loyalty program would turn your customer a life-long fan by investing just a few bucks. Introduce a loyalty program and let the brand take care of their shipping charges on online orders. Initially, the person might be buying less, but after seeing the gesture he would likely to purchase more and more. 

    To Wrap Up

    The e-commerce sector is looking ahead to improve customer retention and acquisition strategies. The online marketplaces are also doing better just because customers are being given the freedom to enjoy benefits extended by brands. If you are thinking to launch an efficient e-commerce loyalty program then Nextbee is the best solution which is focused to provide a robust platform to its users.