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    Loyalty programs are considered to be a great customer retention tool in today’s era of the e-commerce market. There is considerable number of people who are the members of loyalty programs. If we talk about the retailers, loyalty programs to them are an effective means to boost the conversions, hold back the existing customers, and spread out the customer base.


    Loyalty programs are actually long-standing marketing efforts to recompense and persuade the customers who recurrently buy a company’s products. Thus, customer loyalty is a customer’s keenness to continue with a brand as a result of a helpful customer experience. E-commerce loyalty programs are known to amplify the customer retention and overall revenue and give you an edge over your competitors.


    Types of Loyalty Programs in Ecommerce


    Points programs

    Points programs are a known loyalty program amid the e-commerce businesses. A points program works like: for every purchase the customers make, they end up earning some reward points. These points are further turned into discounts, money, etc. This program makes the point conversion into quite beneficial for the people.


    Subscription programs

    It has been revealed that the customers in today’s age are likely to spend more just to get the access to better loyalty programs like Amazon Prime. Subscription-based loyalty programs are becoming quite common as these open new horizons for the customers.


    Tier systems

    Tiered programs are a great way to keep the customers motivated by earning more points and availing elite benefits. The customers do not in any way tend to drop the interest to participate. They are provided the rewards points along with a status that leaves them feeling recognized. Tiers provide your customers with a goal and make them obsessed towards your brand. These also make them feel appreciated. This system enables the e-commerce stores to differentiate themselves from the other brands, helps in customer segmentation and thus makes them employ email personalization based on customer tiers.


    Partnership programs

    Partnership programs are also termed as the coalition programs. These can be enormously helpful to hold back the existing customers and grow your business.


    Gamification programs

    Gamification loyalty programs are ideal for stimulating your customers to continue with your brand. Building a gamified environment using the giveaways, contests or sweepstakes, you end up keeping your customers affianced with your brand.


    Cashback programs

    Cashback programs are implemented by the credit card companies. The cardholders are given back 0.5 to 2% of the amount they spend. This makes the customers buy the products and avail services using their credit cards.


    Hybrid programs

    Hybrid programs unite the rudiments of a range of loyalty programs. The thing is not to do too much with it. For instance, you can execute the points and tier systems collectively. You can provide your customers with both: the reward points for every purchase they make and the chance of moving up to a new point of VIP rewards.


    But, implementing more than two loyalty programs can leave a negative impact on your business and can cause the customers to lose interest due to the program’s complexity.




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