Branded Mobile Apps Create Customer Engagement & Loyalty
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  • Customer Loyalty and Reward programs build retention and repeat business for any business and a sense of satisfaction among the users. Mobile Apps provide your customers with a sense of ease and comfort by saving them from the trouble of having to access a computer. Engagement programs created with NextBee can get the best of both worlds by designing you a customized and branded mobile app along with a fully responsive designed customer engagement & loyalty portal.

    Why would you need a Mobile App?

    Instant Gratification – Having a Mobile App for your Customer Engagement program means that your customers can access their accounts instantly and view their points or redeem their rewards anytime, anywhere. They do not have to wait until they can access a computer or call your call center.

    Strategic Messaging – With Push Notifications, your mobile app will help you send the right messages to your customers at the right time. You can set in-built rules to send messages at every milestone, occasion or time of the day. 

    Build Advocates – Using a mobile is definitely easier than using a computer. Whether your users are tech-savvy or not, navigating through mobile is simpler. That improves the chances of your customer rating you and reviewing your product and service, in turn, building your advocacy.

    Expand the Basket – While studying your customers’ buying and viewing preferences, it makes it easier to offer product recommendations to them. Also because of its greater viewing experience, a customer can be easily drawn to a new launch or another item you want to sell them.

    Grow Your Community – Encouraging users to share their accomplishments using Social Media is made easier through a Mobile App which helps boost customer referrals. 

    Key Features of your Branded Mobile App:

    Leverage your Mobile App for Customer Engagement & Loyalty with the following features.

    Personalized – With a personalized dashboard and program, your customers are bound to use the App more, increasing usage and engagement. We can also personalize your Mobile App to be region-specific, allowing Language and Reward Options.

    Variety of ways to get Rewarded – Turn your customers into your Advocate Army by rewarding them for referrals, reviews, shares, and likes on Social Media. You can also make on-boarding fun by offering points. 

    Gamification – Gamification is the central element behind our Branded Mobile App for Customer Engagement and Loyalty. It is designed on the basis of winning points, crossing thresholds and tiers and winning rewards and badges. 

    User Information – The mobile app makes it easier for you to collect the necessary customer information you might desire to help you in your marketing efforts. You can award points for filling out an on-boarding form which can help you later in segmentation of users and several marketing campaigns

    Document Upload – It happens often that not all your purchases are online. For offline purchases, your app can allow you to upload offline receipts, or you can ask a consent form upload. Uploading the necessary documents is much easier in a mobile app vs a computer. 

    Data Optimized – Your Branded Mobile App for Customer Engagement is built on the strong foundation of our Data Science expertise. Not just that, we constantly optimize the program using the knowledge we gain from the Data we collect about your customers, their preferences, buying and engagement patterns.

    Mobile Engagement is one of the easiest and fastest ways of increasing engagement. Successful businesses use it to Boost Customer Loyalty, Generate Customer Referrals and Build an Advocate Army.

    With our new module, CX360 by NextBee, you can get all these features and more engagement modules. Register for a free consultation today!

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