Are You Planning To Implement A Customer Loyalty Program For Your E-commerce Business?
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  • Are you in charge of an E-commerce business? Do you have a Customer Loyalty Program integrated with your eCommerce store? 

    If not, are you planning to implement it anytime sooner? Well, you must be.

    If yes, then you have landed at the right place – NextBee.

    NextBee has been developing and delivering the best-in-class Loyalty Reward Program to various business verticals for the past decade. Among those, E-commerce is one of them.

    It’s been quite a journey. Throughout this process, we have successfully dealt with the most advanced and most complex solutions that positively mold hundreds of organizations’ business prospects. 

    This article is primarily focused on E-commerce business-leaders planning to embed a customer loyalty program in the system. And obviously, there are some grey areas in your mind regarding the solution. 

    We would try to explain how an E-commerce business can gel with a customer loyalty program to retain more and more customers through the following questions and answers and generate increased sales. 

    Q. Why Loyalty Program is Important for your E-commerce Store?

    In today’s time, the E-commerce business is gaining popularity and is widely in usage. But in this competitive environment, you need to do your E-commerce business to be easily discoverable to the audience.

    The term ‘Marketing’ exists to boost sales; the same work is done through the loyalty program. This program helps in customer retention that is a powerful way of increasing conversions and ultimately accomplishing your business’s required goals.

    NextBee’s Loyalty Programs benefit E-commerce stores in several ways:

    • Customer Retention
    • Increased Conversion
    • Advanced Insights
    • New Customers through Referrals
    • Makes your customer satisfied
    • Increase Customer Lifetime Value
    • Segmentation
    Q. What is the right time to implement a loyalty program in an E-commerce store?

    It is a matter of concern to know that – what is the best time to implement a loyalty program for an eCommerce store?

    Business owners get confused about whether they should follow a proper plan to implement a customer loyalty program or be in action only when required. Also, sometimes, they think to focus on more sales, rather than investing time on loyalty.

    But the fact is – there is no particular right time to execute the loyalty programs. However, it is advisable to start the program as soon as you create and think of getting more sales for your business. There is no way to delay loyalty while you have already thought of building a profitable trade. 

    While implementing a loyalty program, four main goals should be followed:

    • Provide your loyal customers with benefits and value
    • Encourage other customers to become loyal
    • To increase your profit
    • Use it as a tool to gather more data on your customer
    Q. What kind of loyalty schemes works well with the E-commerce market?

    While you think of an E-commerce business, a tool to align your business with customers and profit is the “Loyalty Programs.” Indeed, the Loyalty program can help to get customer retention and is a powerful way of increasing conversions. 

    Though numerous loyalty schemes assure the outcomes, only a few of them can work best with the E-commerce business.

    Subscription Programs – These days, a well-known program in E-commerce businesses is the Subscriptions scheme. Just like, the membership of Amazon Prime is gaining popularity. Subscription programs offer customers a broader perspective of available services and more reward opportunities for an additional fee. 

    Points Scheme – A simple and most widely spread out loyalty program in E-commerce is the ‘Points’ Scheme. This scheme can get customers to earn points for every purchase they made. In this scheme, consumers can receive perks, offers, discounts and so much.

    Gamification – Gamification Loyalty programs are meant for encouraging users to stick to us. By offering a gaming environment along with displaying contests, customers tend to get engaged with your brand. 

    Cashback Schemes – This type of scheme offers a cashback on a specific limit of purchase or a particular commodity, increasing retention, and engaging more customers.

    Q. Along with the Customer Loyalty Program, what other elements are responsible for generating adequate revenue?

    The loyalty program acts as a powerful tool to increase conversions and earn profits. Though you cannot ignore the importance of Loyalty programs, there are also many other means of generating revenue.

    Profit will continue to rise for the long term if many things are taken care of along with the Loyalty Program, and business owners can take advantage of this growth.

    Some of the below points will help to achieve your E-commerce business targets quickly:

    • Reach Out to the long term Customers
    • Manage the Shipping Costs
    • Manage Product Reviews
    • Use excellent Product Descriptions
    • Use Best Products images
    • Selling with Personalization help
    • Optimize the speed of your website

    NextBee has developed a methodology that aims to improve the revenue of your business by different means. The platform ensures that every participant put consistent efforts to drive referrals conversion rate.

    Q. In the E-commerce business, does the loyalty program only benefit repeat buyers?

    Loyalty programs benefit E-commerce stores in several ways with many aspects; they profit from repeat buyers. Loyalty deals with customers’ willingness to continue the service of a brand repeatedly because of customer satisfaction and experience.

    Concerning this, the importance of loyalty benefits the E-commerce business in abundance by achieving targets to get more revenue.

    Though repeat buyers become most beneficial as they receive many offers or rewards from the service provider for being loyal customers, they are not the only ones who gain. E-commerce stores get an advantage in several ways like: 

      • Customer Retention
      • Increased Conversion
      • Advanced Insights
      • New Customers through Referrals
      • Makes your customer satisfied
    Q. Can a loyalty program for the eCommerce store be accessed via mobile phones?

    Building a mobile app for your online store is mostly admirable these days as you can see a rapid increase in online mobile shopping. Similarly, the loyalty program for eCommerce can be accessed with the help of mobile phones.

    It is a known fact that people who download your mobile app initially show a higher investment level in your brand. They are ready to buy, while mobile site visitors mostly access the site for information or view services.

    Besides, customers spend three to four times more hours in apps than on mobile sites and access them intentionally. Therefore, through mobile phones, customers can access the e-commerce store’s loyalty program seamlessly.


    It would be best if you build a powerful engagement strategy for incentivizing customers to buy from you over and over again. And that’s where customer loyalty programs shine.

    It is a hard decision to take while finding the right loyalty program for your business. Thankfully, NextBee is here to understand your customers and knows how to provide value to them.

    NextBee is specialized in building a robust, customized, and scalable Loyalty Reward Program that boosts customer retention and can make your E-commerce brand the most loved one.

    Feel free to connect with us and explore more to create a top-quality loyalty program for your E-commerce business.

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