Loyalty Program – The Best Alternative for Customer Retention
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  • In a competitive market, incorporating a customer loyalty program is a pivotal step in growing your business. Many industry leaders are implementing Loyalty Programs with a long-term growth strategy to ensure continual success.

    As new brands and products are being launched at regular intervals, there is an absolute need to retain your existing customers – and to succeed in this endeavor, it is important to implement a state-of-the-art loyalty program as a strategy for retention.

    The key concept of maintaining a successful loyalty program is; going the extra mile above sale tags and understanding the buyer persona. And to be precise, NextBee’s Customer Loyalty Program acts as the best alternative to do that.

    If you are using any existing loyalty program or you want to switch to a better option, you can certainly select:

    – NextBee Loyalty Solution as LoyaltyPrime alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Solution as SaaSquatch alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Solution as AnnexCloud alternative
    – NextBee Loyalty Solution as CapillaryTech alternative

    The key advantages of implementing NextBee Loyalty Software are as follows:

      • offers personalization based on machine learning
      • high-end features and functionalities
      • dynamic rewards system – zero commission on rewards
      • USA based support and account management team
      • proven track record of working with leading brands
      • a robust and scalable system that can be integrated with any 3rd part software

    Here are some of the key features of NextBee Customer Loyalty Platform:

    Flexible Rule Configurator – Enables giving bonuses for any number of loyalty program activities, including interactions with a specific brand, category, and time of purchase.

    Deep Analytics and Segmentation – Uncover valuable insights with advanced analytics that help you segment and analyze patterns of activity and user behavior in both repeat and new sales.

    Targeted Outbound Campaigns – Re-engaging dormant customers through special promotional credits that can entice the users to benefit from the loyalty program.

    Push Notification – Send targeted offers directly to your customer’s mobile devices to make sure your offers and communication has high visibility rates.

    Built-In Fraud Controls – Multiple Safeguards built to negate program misuse and ensure every purchase, credit, segment, channel, activity, and reward are tracked and monitored.

    Extensive Integration – Readily available integration with all the main eCommerce, POS, ERPs and CRM systems ensures your loyalty program can track every interaction and activity.

    Extensive Admin Control – custom-configured Admin controls to ensure you have complete control over your loyalty campaign to create ad-hoc rules define targeted user segments and monitor performance for every aspect of your Loyalty Program.

    With an in-depth knowledge of how to achieve business objectives through loyalty functionality, NextBee custom-configures the program around essential features such as;

    Data-Driven Analysis Ability to track online and offline activities for proper analysis thus eliminating reward assumptions.

    Customized Branded Dashboard – A customized dashboard that always gives a holistic view of engagement options enables real-time updates and provides customers a detailed view of current or attainable standings.

    Multi-Touch Point Access – Multiple engagements point with users including Current Website, Mobile, Email, and Social.

    Seamless Onboarding – Strategic Onboarding Plan including bonus points to new users as jump-start and encourage the subsequent involvement of existing users.

    Feedback Mechanism – Allowing users to submit feedback on the loyalty program, products or the company is essential for overall productivity and ongoing optimization.

    Tiered Rewards – Availability to unlock hierarchies and attain exclusive levels.

    Our Technology is always focused to drive the business need to its desired goal; for this reason, NextBee builds and customizes the loyalty program solution around each client’s goals using state of the art technology powered by unmatchable features. Thus NextBee Loyalty Software is considered to be;

    – The best alternative for customer retention compared to RepeatRewards
    – The best alternative for customer retention compared to BrandMovers
    – The best alternative for customer retention compared to Paytronix
    – The best alternative for customer retention compared to

    To know more about NextBee Loyalty Program Software, feel free to get in touch with us. We would love to present an online demo and have discovery sessions to better understand your requirements.


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