6 Key Factors That Drive Brand Loyalty For Your Business
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  • Have your customers become your brand’s aficionado yet?
    Is your brand competent enough to build a set of loyal customers?

    Well, the term ‘brand loyalty’ is all about gaining immense popularity. It gives a comprehensive viewpoint wherein customers are emotionally attached to one specific brand.

    Brand loyalty signifies the sign of sticking to one particular brand that customer never wants to leave so easily. The brand also increases its viability by contributing exemplary efforts to let customers enjoy the offers from time-to-time. 

    Have you ever seen people buying their favorite attires sometimes from one store and the second time from the other and so on?

    Possibly, no! We usually see that customers tend to buy only from the brands they adore.

    In earlier times, perhaps a couple of decades ago, there were only brick and mortar stores from where the customers used to purchase various products. However, with the advent of e-commerce business, customers are being given the freedom to buy online from the same brand if they’re unable to visit the store personally.

    Hence, if the brand is available both offline and online, it creates a feeling of enthusiasm among its regular patrons to shop in a hassle-free manner, anytime and anywhere. 

    Let’s dive into the parameters that drive brand loyalty!

    Deliver valued services

    Do you know why customers keep on moving from one brand to another?

    The reason could be static – like a mediocre product/service or a bad experience, although customers have a deep sense of emotional connectivity for a brand.

    Sometimes, customers feel ignored and the service after sales is not fruitful which lets customers try different brands.

    Microsoft revealed in a survey, that globally, 96% of customers feel that customer service plays an integral part in letting a brand become their choice.

    Technology has made everything easily available over the internet when it comes to price comparison on different sites, product availability at particular locations, or even buying online at marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

    People are more conscious when they spend a good amount both offline and online. They expect a value-driven service for their money spent in terms of a great CX (customer experience). 

    Hence, wonderful customer service is all that a customer expects and brand loyalty also increases when a customer is satisfied.

    Run campaigns and reward programs

    How does a brand embark a customer to come back to them over and over again?

    There are multiple options that could enhance the sense of brand loyalty among consumers by running effectual marketing campaigns.

    With the help of campaigns, you can reach out to your target audience and promote your business. Share your core values, tell them about the products you offer, and the customer service you will be providing. It will make your target customers aware of your business along with various news and updates.

    Rewards prove to be the quintessential element for retaining customers. Engage your customers at every touchpoint by offering brilliant rewards ideas.

    Consumers can be attracted by allowing them to avail of periodic discount offers, incentives on a second or third purchase. Additionally, they expect cashback offers, reward points, gift cards, coupons, and many more.

    Mobile engagement

    Most businesses understand the real importance of reaching out to their customers with the help of smartphones. Engaging your customers through mobiles is the old trend although, but the proverb never getting faded – ‘old is gold’.

    Track your list properly and introduce the latest plans, send regular SMS, in-app messages, or push notifications of discount offers to customers. The personalized customer-oriented messages please the customers and also increase the brand value.

    In a report by Forrester, about one-third of customers use SMS or mobile messages to interact with the company for requesting to seek assistance.

    Highlight the brand’s core values

    Your services should speak about your brand identity in the market. To drive profitable and result-driven brand value, focus on creating the core selling ethics of the business.

    One of the aspects to make brand loyalty an ideal spectrum for your customers is to focus on excellence in work delivery. It will also maintain customer relationships effectively and address customer pain points within no time.

    Know and build your unique selling points in the minds of customers so that they know the brand’s worth and could consistently visit the same brand without having second thoughts in mind.

    Enhance brand awareness through social media channels

    The name or logo perhaps is the core identity of the brand. It creates a strong visual outlook or perception among customers. 

    These days, businesses are more inclined towards opting for digital/social media platforms wherein the regular post sharing, micro-blogging, comments in the feedback section can be cross-exchanged.

    By 2021, the number of social media networking users will reach somewhere 3.2 billion. It is somehow approximately half of Earth’s entire inhabitants, sounds crazy, right? So, you can imagine how actively people are browsing social media platforms.

    Increasing brand value through social media platforms is the key to reach your customers and being one of their favorite brands.   

    Provide customers the option to buy online

    With the advent of online buying options, most people prefer ordering products online. Be it food, regular, electronic appliances, medicines, clothes, etc.

    Now imagine a customer is extremely busy the whole week and cannot dig out time to go shopping, what he/she could do?

    Here comes the benefit of e-commerce businesses. If the brand is offering their regular customer an option to buy online, wouldn’t it make it easy for the consumer to order their specific requirements without disturbing the comfort of sitting at home? Of course, Yes! 

    Online shopping is a blessing in the era of a hectic work schedule because it is less time-consuming. Hence, this makes the consumer extremely loyal to one brand. It is mainly because customers can either shop in stores or buy stuff online from the same brand.

    How NextBee help brands drive brand loyalty?

    Brand loyalty is a standard approach to let consumers stay connected with one particular brand. Keeping in mind, the consumer market trends, NextBee offers a scalable solution with a few practices that are completely best to nurture brand loyalty.

    • An engagement tool that improves customer experience
    • Giving away rewards and incentives on word-of-mouth publicity, advocacy, and referrals
    • In-detail automated reporting system based on analytics and customer data gathering

    To let your business gather more recognition, NextBee offers a robust customer-centric platform wherein you can introduce the customer loyalty reward programs, referral programs, etc. as per your industry type and segmentation.

    To take a complete tour of the solution virtually, contact our experts today and book a free demo.

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