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Reward Program – Engaging Customers Through Social Media
Reward Programs and Social Media
  • Social media portals are really booming these days.
    Isn’t it?
    Well, with more than 2.5 billion active users on social media that constitutes 31% of the global population, the world is more connected than ever before.  Irrespective of your geographic location, thousands of people are available right at your fingertips.

    For businesses, this awesome aspect of inter-connectivity provides an opportunity to connect with customers easily. Each time your customers pick up their smart handheld device, they can start a digital conversation with your brand througn social media.

    In today’s world, customers can interact with your brand 24/7 through a variety of digital and social media channels for various reasons – sending direct messages looking for support, posting reviews regarding your services or product quality, sharing with their network, or referring a friend to your website.

    As social media continues to play a key role in every aspect of the shopping experience, it’s quickly becoming into a tool about building relationships with your customers. These relationships offer an engaging experience that builds trust and loyalty towards your brand.

    So, it’s quite evident that you should utilize all social media platforms to generate traction about your brand. Let your customer be the brand advocates and also reward them for their loyalty.

    Let’s explore more on this topic through the following questions and answers.
    Q. Does loyalty program offer rewards if users post good reviews about your brand?

    It’s a fact that customers read online reviews, and most of them trust them considering it to be true. As reviews are gaining popularity, it would be better to reward the users who post a genuine review of your service on social media.

    Offering rewards is a good way to motivate customers to post a review, but it’s difficult to achieve. The goal is to make it seamless for customers to engage with your brand and post reviews. So that visitors quickly add the review that will benefit your brand, and also they get rewarded.
    Q. How will you reward a customer for posting reviews on popular social media platforms?

    Undoubtedly, social media and social forums have a huge impact on how brand interact with customers.  With growing trends, social forums have become a way to drive traffic and retaining consumers. This makes it necessary to reward customers who are posting genuine reviews on a social platform praising your service or products. It actually uplifts your brand value and creates a buzz about your brand.

    It is recommended that rewards should be personalized. For that, you need to know their needs, and then offering them certain deals and discounts accordingly. Also, you can provide bonus points, rebates, early access to sales, special discounts, coupons, play contests to involve them and offer prizes, etc. There are lots of innovations that you can bring in to engage the customers or the target audience.  

    By doing this, you can actually make your customers realize that you care for them, and want them to stay with you for a lifetime.

    There exist a direct relation between how customers praised your brand and how quickly they are awarded for their efforts. You can reward users when they visit and appreciate you. When you observe users regularly visiting you and reviewing for your services, make a list of their profiles for a reward scheme. Try offering them Bonus, discounts over services, offer freebies, entertain them in some or the other ways.

    Nowadays, by rewarding customers, you may drive sales conversions and motivate customers to reviews your product or service in social media. The widely used social platform, Facebook can also use a reward program for posting reviews on a specific service or product.

    It can be achieved by adopting certain measures like,

    – Adding bonus-points to customers
    – Form a contest for users
    – Try adding entertainment sources
    – Proposing Discounts

    Rewarding a customer for posting reviews on your brand helps to generate revenue by turning fans into brand ambassadors. There are certain ways of rewarding your customer like,

    – Give Them Control
    – Let them learn
    – Involve them more
    – Offering a Freebie
    – Entertaining them

    Q. How a loyalty program track user-generated reviews on social media?

    Rewards create better customers experience. Loyalty programs use campaigns to make your customer aware of your reward strategy. Accordingly, when the customers follow the path, Loyalty programs can track user-generated review in social media.

    The program helps to gather the information of users who are active on social media and are mostly visiting your brand. Also, it observes likes or comments that are received on a particular social media platform.

    NextBee’s Intelligent Analytics offers detailed insights on customer activity, active customers, and many more. Brands can easily build exciting offers based on individual customer profiles as well. NextBee also offers smart tools to easily build exciting contests and sweepstakes. These serve to generate buzz about your brand quickly and capture valuable customer data.

    Using NextBee’s referral and social sharing widgets, brands can increase the brand visibility offering rewards on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These sharing widgets can be embedded anywhere – product page, checkout or purchase confirmation.

    Customers can instantly share their purchases, rewards, and products of potential interest, with their friends and family on social media. Every customer activity is traceable. With NextBee’s social engagement tool, brand managers can guide customer activity with the Flexible Rule Engine that allows to assign different reward points and incentives for separate activities.


    Therefore, it’s clear that social media can play a huge role in your customer retention strategy. So what can be a better way to engage your customers other than integrating your social media marketing strategy with your rewards program? Social media is a major driver of customer loyalty. Through a combination of rewards for various social actions and social promotion, feel free to engage your customers more.

    NextBee enables you to build rewards schemes for posting reviews on social media that profits both the company as well as its consumers. Its customer engagement software and provide information about your customer base which will help you to personalize the reward strategy. With Nextbee, explore more to create a top quality reward program.