The Relation Between Loyalty Program And Customer Service
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  • Implementing a customer loyalty program does not mean you will skyrocket your business’s growth overnight. To support the Loyalty Program and make it do well, you also need to fulfill some other criteria.

    A loyalty program becomes high-performing only when you take care of your customers with quality service, rewards, incentives, and many more. All these automatically lead your customers to be loyal to your brand.

    Now, you might say – then, what is the need for a Loyalty Program, when you can win customers’ heart only by providing quality service?

    Well, a Loyalty Program acts as a catalyst to accelerate the process of acquiring customers.

    In today’s competitive world, you cannot ignore the importance of a customer loyalty program. It’s a must-have for the business if you want to stay a step ahead of your competitors.

    Maybe your competitors are offering less expensive or marginally higher quality products. But if you manage to engage your customers with a robust loyalty program at every touchpoint, they will choose your brand over others.

    Customer service is an organization’s ability to supply their customers’ wants and needs. And what value addition a what unique components of a successful customer loyalty program can do, let’s explore that through the following Questions and Answers:

    Q. How efficiently a loyalty program builds a healthy relationship between the customers and the brand?

    When we talk about a loyalty program, we have a picture in mind of altering the business into the customer-centric profit segment. Indeed, the program can also create a strong bond between the customer and the brand itself.

    This strong relationship can be achieved by understanding customers’ needs, handling complaints efficiently, aiming for better services, and consistently engaging with each other.   

    Through loyalty programs, customers and brands can understand each other better. In this case, the brand should value customers; also, the brand needs to create faith in the existing customers that will ensure to accomplish all tasks efficiently.

    It is rightly said that “Trust is the foremost part that can be built up between customers and the brand through the best of services for achieving business targets.”

    Q. How can you make a brand memorable with a customer loyalty program?

    Making a brand more desirable and memorable with customer loyalty programs is the primary goal for any business.

    In this competitive time, each one has access to endless options available in the market. Hence it’s essential to stand out among the crowd and make your brand a unique one to remember it. 

    Communicating and making a genuine connection with customers personally is an essential part of gaining loyalty. There is a need to do some great stuff for your brand to become memorable for the users and love to use its services or products. 

    Q. Does Customer loyalty and Incentives go hand-in-hand?

    Yes, Incentives and Loyalty programs work closely. As it is easier to make profits from existing employees, it is mostly preferred by firms to offer incentives and rewards for engaging new clients for a long time.

    Offering incentives and rewards make employees interact more with the customers and retaining them with your brand. The benefits of providing incentives are as follows: 

    • It promotes sales
    • Improve communication between the customers and the brand
    • Set a company apart from others
    • Boost clients’ satisfaction

    This incentive scheme for employees makes the brand recognized by people the same way as loyalty programs do, considering the loyalty goals at the same time. 

    Q. Is loyalty program and customer service inter-dependent?

    Loyalty programs and customer services are interdependent, accounting for several reasons. Loyalty programs aim to retain customers and get revenue while offering the best customer services to stick to your brand for a life term.

    It is a known fact that the concept of excellent customer service in any loyalty program revolves around retaining your customers and make them feel valued. The program motivates the business goals and flourishing them. Both loyalty programs and customer service are a common aspect, as both bind users with campaigns. 

    Customer experience is more vital than attractive rewards, cash-backs, discounts, or other such options. These factors prove that these two terms are dependent on each other.

    Q. To define a loyalty strategy, is it necessary to know your customers?

    The answer is yes. You need to understand your customers before defining a loyalty strategy. It is vital to observe the customer base that you are serving and track them accordingly.

    Knowing your customers will help you to:

    • Plan for the best price to set your services
    • You will get to know how often customers buy
    • Understand their purchasing behavior
    • Building Trust with your customers
    • Decrease the costs when customers demand
    • You can have increased revenue and profitability
    Q. How to make the Sign Up to a loyalty program?

    Well, it may seem to be an easy task to make people sign up for a loyalty program, but it isn’t that simple. You need to build faith and trust in your customers about your services. You can achieve this by following the below-given points and then making them sign up to your scheme- 

    • Make an easy sign-up process rather than involving complex tricks
    • Communicate with your customers when they check out 
    • Mention rewards and make them sign up
    • Don’t pressure users to sign up
    Q. Why customer service and loyalty programs get along together?

    It’s quite evident that customer service and loyalty programs go beside each other. As quality customer service is ultimately the goal of keeping your customers happy and retaining them with your brand. 

    Loyalty programs and customer service serve a common objective. Both of them bind users with campaigns to accomplish the task and make more profits.


    Loyalty programs generally provide significant value to the companies by driving higher sales and boosting brand affinity. And if you find that it’s not doing so, you must uplift the quality of customer service. 

    Various Researches shows that monetary rewards or incentives are not the only drivers for customer loyalty. Along with it, you also need top-class customer service. Combining both aspects will provide significant long-term benefits.

    How NextBee can help brands?

    NextBee is specialized in building a robust Loyalty Program that boosts customer retention and can make your brand the most loved one. NextBee also develops strategies for customer retention that are customizable, scalable, and robust.

    • Robust and scalable platform to drive customer engagement through customized tools
    • Smart admin dashboard to track and control each user’s profiles
    • Easy access to other channels with a single sign-on option
    • Design and implement attractive rewards, incentives, perks, discounts for customers on the same platform

    At NextBee, we feel pleased to help you develop a quality loyalty program with exceptional customer service and feel proud of watching your growth. 

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