Importance Of Customer Loyalty and Brand Loyalty To Generate More Revenue
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  • In this era of modernization, customer loyalty and brand loyalty matter the most to business organizations. 

    Nowadays, brands are more into driving loyalty programs than ever before. And, there is only one reason why companies are more likely to spend a lot on running such loyalty programs – customer retention, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth!

    Why customer loyalty and brand loyalty are needed for a business to succeed?

    Brand loyalty and customer loyalty – these two terms are interrelated with having a subtle difference.

    Without a loyal customer, the brand seems unable to succeed. This is because; the brand could grow if they are being given a chance to give excellent customer service, and thereby getting repeat businesses. Also, the brand name is being spread all over especially through word of mouth.  

    Loyalty is not just a program; it’s an investment that benefits the company in terms of building a loyal customer base. Customer loyalty represents the way the customer contributes to regular shopping, enhancing the brand name in the market.  

    On the contrary, brand loyalty reflects the way a customer perceives the brand and sticks to one brand without thinking to try other brands. 

    Both, customer loyalty and brand loyalty can generate more revenue for a business. Let’s find out how:

    1. Boost repeat purchases

    As we all know, ‘the first impression is the last’ – the statement is crucial while defining the brand name and values.

    If a customer has received overwhelming products or services, he/she will definitely come over again to that particular brand. Loyal customers never stay stagnant in his/her buying behavior from the same brand. The customer always tends to buy the stuff by making repeat purchases.

    2. Enhance customer acquisition and retention

    Loyalty programs give more reasons to understand customers’ interest and chances to cater to their preferences completely. While other brands might overlook the vital points, that’s where you need to take the initiative and establish your brand. 

    The brand should focus to target the customers’ choices in accordance with their buying persona. This would help in customer retention because there are various levels of a customer – the one who is buying $$$ and the one who is buying a little every month but the buying behavior shows that the purchasing is constant.

    According to the research – customer loyalty programs boost the revenue by 25 – 95 percent and also enhance customer retention.

    3. Accelerate business growth

    Only promoting your brand on social media platforms would not fetch you enough customers. However, accelerating business growth by having loyal customers who are fond of your products and services can contribute a lot.

    Generally, brands carry a myth that the more the customers, the more would be the revenue. Whereas, the truth is, most of the revenue comes from the existing customers compared to new customer-base.

    In one of the researches by Accenture, it has been found that nearly 60 percent of people – almost more than half of the customers who are loyal to one brand – actively support and recommend the brand to others.

    4. Establish the brand

    It’s not only the product that enhances your value in the market. A customer-centric approach to selling your products and extending magnificent customer service can do a lot.

    Your brand is the base where your product cum services would make the real-time world to millions of people. Your aim to establish the brand name through services and product-selling can help you reach the heights of success and in generating revenue. 

    5. Implementation of an effective loyalty program

    Well, these days people are not much fond of just taking discounts in their kitty.

    In the modern era of marketing tactics, loyalty programs have taken the space to attract existing customers. By introducing a customer-enriched loyalty program, you can turn your customers into your lifelong fans who will generally not switch to other brands.

    However, you must create an outstanding, adaptable, easy-to-go loyalty program that should favor the interests of the customers.

    Can brands create an Effective Customer Loyalty Program with NextBee and how?

    Long term objectives of successful loyalty programs are not limited to one-time planning and implementation. NextBee offers a unique customizable platform that tends to perform better than traditional ready-made software. 

    Its key features are the USP that turnarounds to create a long-lasting impression on your customers. 

    • Drive repeat sales with mobile app engagement to send push notifications and latest offers/ discounts
    • Improve customer acquisition and retention with predictive analysis of buyer persona
    • Recognition and rewarding customers who are loyal to the brand for long 
    • Introduce lucrative promotional offers for both offline and online purchasers
    • Tracking, collecting feedback, and scope of improvement are essential factors that help you to create an adaptive and successful loyalty program

    To Wrap Up

    A bit of mind-work, a well-planned strategy to implement is the key to create customer loyalty. And the customers will be the people who can help you generate revenue for your business through repeat purchases.

    One of the most prominent customer engagement platforms is NextBee, a tailor-made solution for those businesses who are willing to invest a little time for their customers to generate brand loyalty. 

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