5 Ways To Turn Your Customers Into Lifelong Fans With A Dynamic Loyalty Program
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  • Customer loyalty is turning around as a blessing for businesses. But have you done enough to make the customers your lifelong fans?

    Acquiring customers and giving them extraordinary service is a two-way discussion. Just defining your brand name and values without doing a little for your customers would bring you closer to lose the customers one day. 

    With effective ways of customer loyalty, brands can give importance to their customers. The customer always seeks excellent customer service which results in loyalty that he/she shows to your brand. 

    How NextBee’s customer loyalty programs help businesses to succeed?

    NextBee’s customer loyalty programs are the foremost part of any brand’s success, not because of the product you are selling but by making the customer a close associate of your brand.

    No matter how hard you work to enhance your branding strategies, it won’t create the magic until the brand improves customer retention with proven methods by introducing exclusive reward programs. 

    The idea is always to do something magnificent that could favor the customer. In every manner, the customer should succeed without hampering the bottom-line growth of the company. 

    To win customers’ confidence, there are several ways that can turn your regular customers into real-time fans.

    1. Frame reward-oriented programs for customers

    Offering less priced products is an old trend. Nowadays, people are more focused to get some extra credit points that can be redeemed whenever they want.

    Allow your customers to enjoy a reward program when they least expect from the brand. The brand needs to frame habitually some remarkable reward programs for the customers that could attract and benefit them. 

    For instance, you can offer some extra rewards which the customer can redeem especially in their birthday week, or anniversary day, or the day they first shopped from your brand. It will surely excite the customer to shop again from your brand again and again.

    2. Offer an exclusive membership

    It’s an exciting fact when the customer’s regular buying pattern from the same brand becomes a record.

    Customers will go to the same brand if you are capable enough to satisfy customers’ needs and closely delivering the service they need.

    Moreover, if the brand offers membership free of cost keeping in mind their buying behavior, the customer will surely enjoy the benefits included in the membership check-list. Plus, they will stay loyal to one business and thereby creating customer loyalty towards your brand.

    3. Personalization at every step

    We feel good when someone addresses us with our name, isn’t it?

    Similarly, the art of personalization is a tactic to gather customer attention. It renders a feeling as if we are connected to them and they are connected to us.

    When the customer receives a message or an email, addressing them directly with their first name, customers feel enthusiastic to read the complete content. 

    For instance, addressing a customer with names like – Mr. Patrick, or Mrs. Jones, or Miss Helen are impressive ways to fetch customer’s attention. This personalizing strategy never fails!

    4. Focus to provide excellent customer service

    Customer service is a crucial part of every business that strives to become number one in service excellence. Your service will speak louder than your products. 

    Customers will only come back to you repeatedly when they receive the kind of service they seek. One of the studies shows that 81% of customers like to repeat the purchase from the same brand if they get good customer service.

    Without a doubt, if the customer is happy and satisfied with one brand, he/she will help boost the bottom line of the company’s growth by repeating the purchase and generating business.

    5. Make customers a part of your team

    The universal truth is that no business could flourish without a customer and no customer can fulfill their desires if there is no brand in the market. This chain goes hand-in-hand.

    If you make the customer a part of your team, it will surely enhance the customer’s confidence and make them believe in you all the time.

    There are ways to make the customer feel important by:

    • Listing them in elite-list and giving preference to their choices
    • Segregate the regular customer list – VIP customers list and the ones who do not shop so often
    • Send them periodic newsletters, birthday emails, and small gifts as a good gesture, and anniversary offers, messages on latest product launches, early bird offers, and so on.

    Whenever the brand does something new, the customer should also receive a message or an email about the latest updates. It will make them feel connected to the brand.

    To Wrap Up

    Customer Loyalty programs are designed to completely acquire the existing customers and also gain new ones. Compromising on customer needs can give the brand serious repercussions.

    Loyalty Reward Solutions like NextBee is keen to help brands with a successful strategy that can boost customer retention and enhance brand loyalty.


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