Successful Loyalty Programs by e-Commerce Stores
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  • You cannot make your customers admire your brand, but you can create a unique loyalty program that keeps them coming back. A competent rewards program will not only help you boost organic growth but also turn your most loyal customers into your advocates. 

    A decent loyalty program should resonate with your customer base and reward behavior you want to see in your user base. It should have a more in-depth, underlying meaning, a kickass name, and it should focus on non-monetary rewards as much as freebies.

    Here is a list of the best loyalty programs by the bigwigs of e-commerce. If you are thinking of starting an e-commerce brand, or if you already have one and want to expand your customer base, check out what these brands got right to get an insight into what might work for you.

    1. Gilt

    The USA based online gift shopping website has a tier-based loyalty program that divides its customers into four categories, offering rewards based on how many points they have accumulated. 

    Patrons that get into the coveted Noir tier get exclusive benefits, including sales previews and invitations to private parties. By creating a program that rewards behavior they want to encourage, Gilt has strengthened its existing customer base and even attracted newer customers.

    NextBee will help you design a rewards program tailored to your needs. Our key analytics will boost customer lifetime value via purchase based tiers and targeted incentivization.

    2. Amazon

    The biggest e-commerce brand in the world has the simplest and most straightforward loyalty program. Amazon Prime was launched in 2005, and it is a paid program.

    There is no points system, no tier-based profiles, and no hidden terms. You pay a certain fee annually, and you get faster deliveries, free music, videos, and early access to sales.

    Amazon Prime works because the brand has identified the most urgent needs of its customers. Amazon Prime is proof that you do not need bells and whistles to pay attention to market needs.

    NextBee uses AI-powered Intelligent Activity Recommendation to help you shape a loyalty program that is custom based on your needs.

    3. Nike

    The sports shoes and apparel company uses the concept of an active lifestyle to drive sales. It encourages its most loyal customers to become advocates.

    Nike’s loyalty program rewards customers for connecting their social media handles to the website and posting workout videos. Customers also get exclusive products for running with the Nike Run Club and working out with the Nike Training Club.

    How NextBee plays a vital role in building a Loyalty program?

    NextBee let you tailor-made your loyalty program that could transform your patrons into your brand ambassadors. We empower and nurture social media connections, enabling users to share your brand’s message across channels.

    With its superb list of robust features, brands can easily:

    • Boost revenue growth and increase customer lifetime value, drive sales, and instill brand affinity
    • E-commerce businesses can do brand promotion activities through customer engagement platform on multiple online social platforms
    • A points-based tailored rewards system for online shoppers exclusively for eCommerce business loyalty campaigns and a lot more

    Choose NextBee to gain an edge over your competitors. Book your free demo today!

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