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  • Choose Rewards to Get Your Customers Making Referrals
  • In one of our recent posts, “Choosing Incentives, Motivating People to Engage!,” we discussed choosing the incentives that would motivate users to engage. (You can watch the video here.)

    Along the same lines, it sparked the question of “How often do you thank your customers?”


    Thanking customers for trusting you with their business not only keeps them loyal but will usually help you garner more referrals. So, rewarding customers is highly worth the investment of time, energy and a little money.

    There are a number of proven Reward Ideas to fit any budget that are great for rewarding or enticing customer loyalty. We’re going to share some here that work but add your own spin on them, create a uniqueness. Doing so will help you compete with other brands in the marketplace.

    10 Effective, Affordable and Simple Reward Ideas!

    Customer Status – For your loyal customers, the ones who spend thousands of dollars buying the product/service, you could establish a “VIP” status that gives them privileged access to various benefits, special deals, announcements, or even trials of new products/service before anyone else.

    Exclusive Membership Cards – Offer membership cards as an acknowledgment. A kind of membership plan or a reward idea, where customers can enjoy certain privileges such as Member Only Coupons or Discounts. Add in tiers, where the more they spend the more they can save, and you’ve not only rewarded them, but you’ve now incentivized them to spend more with you!

    Surprise & Delight – Random surprises and quick little delights, tangible and intangible, are something everyone loves. You can incorporate pop up rewards for loyal customers, send out thank you notes, etc. and not only do these surprises delight the receiver it subtlety increases engagement and motivates them to refer others to you and your brand


    Birthday Wishes – One random surprise & delight is a simple “Happy Birthday” email. Make it personal though, not a generic “happy birthday customer 12”. Taking the 2 minutes to personalize the email adds value to the relationship building. Also, you can make the birthday week special by offering a discount or freebie.


    Pre and Post Sale Notifications – When you notify customer before a sale starts it creates a buzz and helps generate traffic, online and offline. And, since it is a sale, word-of-mouth marketing will usually automatically come into action and generate quality referrals. After the sale offer something to customers related to what they’ve purchased from you. If it’s a gift/reward then remember, the bigger the transaction, the bigger the reward. It creates a good impression and shows that you appreciate their business.


    Gift Cards – Gift cards are a great reward because it allows customers to pick up whatever they like instead of only something you’ve chosen. You can have great success when you tailor-make the promotion to suit customers’ needs. (This means that you need to first understand who your customer is and what they’re most likely to want. We have a video covering just this on our YouTube Channel.)


    Customer Appreciation Week – Having a set time (day, week, or month) where you openly appreciate your customers by offering the special deals is always a great way to boost engagement with your loyal customers. You simply make them feel whatever you’re doing is especially meant for them for being loyal to the brand and also referring new leads. During this appreciation time, consider offering free samples if you have certain products you’re wanting to promote. It gives something of value to the customer, gauges how a produce will be received, and again, makes them feel special.


    Customer Service – People come to customer service when they are in some kind of trouble with the product. Studies show that – “people actually desire a brand that helps them resolve issues without actually having to deal with customer service.” Try to be the brand who resolves the loyal customers’ issues prior they hit the service desk.


    Contests/Competitions – Referral contests are a great way to not only generate referrals and provide rewards, but they can spark a bit of fun into your business relationship. Customers can get points or any other reward for every referral. This is then furthered to give the customer with most referrals a grand prize. This kind of reward often acts as a great boost to targeted leads and brand association.


    Perks, Free Stuff, Donations – Engage customers with perks or free items to make a good impression, encourage repeat business, and generate referrals. Free gifts from the brand at the time of purchase is not only a nice gesture of rewarding loyal customers, but you can incorporate it in your referral program. Similarly, consider making a donation every time someone buys from your business. People love doing business with businesses that do good and by donating a portion of your proceeds to a good cause in your loyal customers’ honor you’ll not only be helping out a cause, but you’ll make the customer feel as though they’ve contributed as well.

    Bonus tip:

    Advanced Personalization – Because each customer is unique in their own way, offer personalized and customized benefits based on their uniqueness so that it matches their needs. By knowing what you customers like you can offer things like personalized coffee mugs, tee-shirts, bags and other such merchandise. Doing so almost always means that they’ll use them more and every time they are used, your brand gets free advertising. Second, by knowing what your customers like, they’ll find these products useful on a daily basis and are more likely to positively associate with your brand.

    Final thoughts:

    Effective reward ideas can change a business in a good way. Brands of today that take the time to come up with innovative and fresh ideas are discovering massive ROI benefits.

    Over the past decade, NextBee has developed a methodology aimed at improving referral programs. Known as the PACE Methodology, it is needed to ensure that every participant is approached in a way that leads to increased conversions of referrals and leads.


    If you find yourself looking to create an effective and valuable loyalty/referral reward program,
    contact us at 1-800-547-1618 or simple Schedule a Demo.

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