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  • 5 Best Kept Secrets of a Loyalty Program Success
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    From huge global companies to local boutiques, and every other business in between, customer loyalty is an integral part of marketing strategy. Bringing visitors back to your brand and converting them into lifelong clients is an important predictor of future success; brand new customers are both difficult and expensive to convert into loyal clients, and the word of mouth promotions that comes from existing buyers is often worth a lot more than any of your other marketing investments. The trick here is to know how to motivate repeat transactions effectively.  Below is the detailed list of the five secrets to any loyalty program success that every major brand follows.


    One: Stellar customer service

    Every successful company knows that incredible customer care can generate some of the most satisfying moments throughout the whole business. This is the place where the Golden Rule of customer service becomes applicable: Deal with each of your customers exactly as you’d like to be treated, and never let your service become anything less than brilliant.


    The Parks and Resorts division of Disney is one of the best examples of this marketing strategy which is in action; although the company has gone through some low periods in between, the focus on enabling a memorable, magical experience keeps the customers visiting back every year. It’s mainly about the little things that mostly go unnoticed: like friendly phone services, helpful associates and the extra special moments that shows just how dedicated you are to go beyond all limits to help your customers.


    Even every other mistake can be amended if your service standards are outstanding. Like any huge company, Disney certainly receives a lot of unsatisfied customers, but the company makes sure its employees to routinely go out of their job roles to correct any mistake. Similarly, Apple equips its highly helpful Genius Bar to every customer experiencing any sort of trouble with a machine. That extra little service often helps to turn around a bad product moment into a epitome of customer loyalty.


    Two: Creative loyalty programs

    Not just acquiring new customers, customer retention is also a priority for every brand, and only a thoughtful loyalty program helps to bring back a customer regularly. Based on a series of customized offers, unimaginable perks, exclusive offers, will give your clients the motivation to do business with you. Sometimes big companies treat their most loyal customers with a set of VIP offers that encourages every customer to return.


    Not always is it enough to offer simple membership cards or irregular discounts. Most of the world’s biggest companies have created such unique customer loyalty programs that it often makes the benefits of credit cards seem like nothing. In the recent times we have seen that Amazon Prime offers a lot of benefits like two day shipping, free videos, and so on. Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom offers various beauty and fashion rewards like free makeovers, free alterations, concierge services, and so on. Frequent fliers are often given the benefits of free air miles by different air travel services, brand dedication and frequent purchaces should be rewarded in order to maintain and retain the customers. You need to make your customers feel valued and special, in return for which you will be rewarded with years of loyalty.


    Three: An engaging and consistent relationship

    We human beings crave for consistency and comfort from everything. This is also applicable to the relationships we have with different brands. As a buyer, we would always want the assurance of good and quality products, superior services, and that the brand will always address our personal needs.

    Every big business spends hours after hours to build a reliable system that will feed the above factors, everything of which originates from customer engagement. Actively engaging with your customers through marketing communications, social media platforms, emails and text messages, are very important pieces needed to complete the loyalty program success puzzle. But if you keep switching your brand image constantly you will run the risk of confusing your clients, on whom you rely the most. Make your customers feel that you can never let them down by engaging with them constantly. This might be considered as a direct sales tactic, but it is one of the strategies that can make a huge impact on your business and help you earn that extra point to get ahead of your competitors.


    Four: Those extra-mile moments

    All of us love receiving surprise gifts once in a while. Going that extra mile and making an effort to keep your customers happy will help you to retain and grow your customer base. Brands like Urban Outfitters and American Airlines sends every loyal client of theirs a special birthday gift to remind them that they are valued. Keeping a record of every customer can be tiresome, NextBee has some awesome tools to keep everything in track for you and make you run you customer loyalty program smoothly.

    Some brands use personalized data from their record system to help customize the gift further. That adds a special touch of intimacy that human beings are a fan of that often leads to gaining a loyal customer for a lifetime. These practices also encourage word of mouth marketing, thus helping you to retain a loyal customer while expanding your customer base. Loyalty program success depends on a human-to-human interaction rather than a business-to-buyer transaction.

    To give that extra boost to your loyalty program, instead of sending standard rewards take a cue from Chanel’s cosmetic counters, that treats a customer with a deluxe sample package for anyone who is spending a large amount. Get inspired from the small time sellers of Etsy by including a small handwritten card of a congratulatory letter with the purchase of any baby item. You can also use the data from your records to wish them well on their birthdays, graduation, anniversary, or any other milestone achieved by your customers. When you show them their value for your brand, they will repay you back with loyalty that will only help to give a boost to your business.


    Five: Overwhelming authenticity

    Even huge companies like KFC and Starbucks understand the importance of authentic interactions that are the key to the success of loyalty program and customer retention. Every client wants the full attention while interacting with the brand they love. The best way to achieve this is by using brand voice, image and identity to break the ice between a company and a client. You have to resist the urge to create a detached tone for your brand; although it may seem like to be the best way to display your company’s expertise and luxurious products, it often leads to make your brand appear less than relatable.

    If you have the basic data of your client base in your records about their lives, their preferences, you will be able to engage with them from a place of authenticity – which is something that most clients’ value over everything else.


    Use the above tips to add value to your client interactions, and you will be singing your way to loyalty program success in no time. And of course, if all this seems a bit too much to implement in your business by yourself, NextBee with its team of experts are ready to help and sort you out by creating a fully customized loyalty program.



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