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  • Best ways to boost your loyalty program participation
  • Loyalty programs have become more relevant in today’s e-commerce industry providing support in the field of promotional strategies, associate the value of their business to the value of their clients. Individual members are rewarded with these target and invitation-only oriented loyalty programs. But, still sometimes there will remain a gap between member sign-up and active participation.

    With so many reward programs fighting for consumers’ attention, an average person is often left overwhelmed. Engaging consumers with user friendly tools and technology to simplify their experience with your brand will bring you huge success and active participation from the members. Social media is the easiest platform for any business to engage with their members and other consumers. People can clarify their doubts, and build their trust in your brand name. The key is to remain active in the social space and keep answering the questions posted by the customers regularly.

    Keeping track of memberships and general consumers is difficult, which inevitably leads to the decline of participation. Building a tool to keep a track and training your employees to constantly keep a check is of utmost importance. Customer engagement and service is also important to build brand loyalty. Social media is a platform for two-way dialogue, which will allow a customer to influence his followers and share feedback which should be rewarded with some benefits such as elevate points, reward points, etc. To boost your loyalty program participation you should:

    • Respond to the queries or feedback posted by your consumers in the social space.
    • Engage with your customers and send them reminders of perks and discounts available.shutterstock_195946001
    • Reward and recognize every single customer, who may not spend as much as your elite consumers, but still needs to be valued.

    Few points to remember while starting and maintaining your customer loyalty programs:

    1. Have your goal fixed: Before you start out on your journey in this field think and decide what you want out of this. Do you want bigger order sizes? Or decrease customer churn? Or increase your customer base through new acquisitions? Make these aims as measurable and specific as possible. You should also set a timer to achieve your set goals, which can be easily kept in check by attaching a timeline.
    2. Ascertain your customer base: Research and establish who can be eligible for your customer loyalty program. You may want to target your audience according to their net worth spending each time, or total spending in a year, or for specific items. Targeting a specific group of loyalty members will help drive your business and bring out more from these programs by rewarding certain buying behaviors.
    3. Automate your loyalty program: Maintenance and management becomes easier as soon as you start shutterstock_268502645automating your programs. Automation need not mean that individuality will be lost. Personalization will be the key factor to attain and retain your loyal members and push them to participate.
    4. Reach out and engage with your customers: E-mailing and text messaging are one of the easiest ways to promote your brand and entice your loyalty members to participate. Digital communications around your loyalty program, or reward points, or benefits of dealing with your brand are an effective but easy way to make your customers take note of your schemes. NextBee has many such emailing programs that are easy to use and effective, which you can check out and will be tailored according to your business plans.
    5. NextBee’s loyalty program software solution: Keeping your customers engaged by targeting their interests and preferences will increase your ROI. For example, every customer who buys a brown leather jacket, e-mail them about a pair of brown leather boots that will compliment that jacket. NextBee’s loyalty program software, email and automation provide every support to gather information about your customer base which will help you to personalize your communication with your customers while increasing the sales.
    6. Social media platforms: To engage with consumers on a regular basis, social media is a great platform. Build your social community by posting engaging and interesting content surrounding your business and loyalty programs. This will create an option for sharing and referring which is helpful to bring in new customers while making your loyal members participate.

    Without proper drive to engage customers, even a good loyalty program can suffer. Engaging with customers, and valuing their interests and preferences are always effective in keeping your customer base active and running. This will automatically reap in more revenue, lead to bigger orders, and retain your customer base and increase it at the same time with minimum cost.

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