How to promote your loyalty program?
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  • In simple words, a loyalty program is a rewards program offered to your regular customers or for recruiting new customers when they sign up. This loyalty marketing solution may provide various rewards, free merchandise, coupons, discount offers, referral points, advanced released products, etc. 

    Such a program’s success is mainly based on the merchant’s potential to sign up with their customers. Once an adequate number of customers are enrolled, unique components of a well-planned loyalty program becomes a powerful tool. It is helpful for increasing customer frequency and average spending, both of which lead to an increase in your revenue.

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    How to implement and promote a loyalty program in your business?

    Transforming the relationship between your brand and your customers from a purely transactional one to a more emotional bonding is the key to a victory in a competitive retail market. 

    The most crucial part of building the customer loyalty solution is designing mutually beneficial schemes and incentive structures. 

    Moreover, to ensure quick and reliable two-way communication, crystal clear pay-outs, and driving emotional connections through personalized rewards and experiences.

    1. Offer referral and signup incentives

    We all love getting gifts, and we love to share a good experience with our friends and families. Offering a signup incentive is possibly one of the best ways to entice new customers. Adding more free things for referring a friend who successfully signs up will earn you more happy members.

    For example, offer a reward instantly when new members sign up, like a discount coupon, free shipping, or even “buy 1 get one free” offers, and so on.

    2. Train your employees thoroughly to promote your loyalty and rewards program to every visiting customer

    Your employees are an essential part of your brand loyalty program’s promotion – If they don’t spread the word and undertake the task to sign up every customer, your business will struggle to survive. Some of the critical areas which you need to train your employees on are:

    • Your customized loyalty program’s rewards structure
    • Emailing and messaging, promotions or/and auto rewards to your customers
    • Technicalities and functionalities of the software and application
    • Troubleshooting various customer issues and setting up a customer support number for your loyalty program
    • Different pitches and scripts to use for attracting customer signups
    • Convincing a customer to signup by overcoming all the objections
    • FAQs and answers to that about the program

    3. Send rewards and offers announcements via email or text message to your customer database

    Enroll the phone numbers and email addresses of all your customers in your database when they sign up and alert those customers about your rewards program first. Loyal customers will be eager to make larger purchases and are 70% more likely to be retained for a lifetime.

    In your email or text message, highlight the incentives you are offering at the moment in your subject line and the body, explain how customers can earn points and rewards and how to sign up for getting better deals.

    4. Advertise all the reward program incentives with attractive displays

    While your employees are already trained to increase signups, you should also add various attractive visual cues to the concoction to trigger curiosity. The most appropriate way to do this is by making a display near your check-out window or your cash register.

    Make a small but attractive sign that displays your reward structure. In that reward format, highlight your best rewards like your signup incentive, spending incentive, etc. Having a display at you is also helpful for employees. They can easily refer to it when customers have questions about what rewards are available and how to earn points.

    5. Promote your reward structure on your various social media platforms

    Social media platforms are the place where everyone spends most of their time in a day. Promote and announce in different social media platforms with attractive and engaging pictures and posts. Use design programs to highlight your reward structure and signup incentives.

    6. Post all information about your rewards structure on your website

    Customers often spend hours searching on your website for various information like menu items, operation, discount coupons, etc. Grab their attention by developing an attractive display about your loyalty program and reward structure so that they instantly sign up and make a purchase. Design and develop an eCommerce loyalty solution for your business to go to the next level.

    7. Make your loyalty program easy to remember for your clients by using a similar design structure throughout all your promotions 

    Using the same words, images, and phrases might seem repetitive, but it should be done on purpose because a customer needs to see or hear something multiple times to be convinced and note it in their memories to take action later.

    Why choose NextBee?

    NextBee has all the service professionals to help you out at every step. Our professionalism, experience, and product performance to implement loyalty programs for dealerships are unmatched. NextBee focuses on various loyalty marketing solutions, from social media promotions to digital marketing solutions. NextBee will provide you with:

    • Expert assistance is provided in deciding incentive structures proven and based on a knowledge base of extensive experiences.
    • Regularly occurring one-on-one focused meetings to analyze and evaluate, helping you optimize the performance of your program.
    • Quality graphic design assistance enhances your loyalty program’s message and increases its effectiveness as your plan progresses.
    • By creating custom support portals, you can offer quick hands-on service to any user who has a question and provide the needed guidance.
    • Fulfillment support for nearly any reward – cash, points, gift cards, physical items, and much, much more.

    NextBee is the most preferred loyalty marketing solutions for several dealerships in North America. Loyalty programs are efficient marketing tools. We help brands to retain customers, increase growth, and also improve the reputation of your brand.

    So, are you ready to revolutionize your business? Contact us to know more about customer loyalty programs and marketing solutions.

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